Saturday, July 7, 2012

Promise Ring

As I’ve mentioned in several occasion I am in a long distance relationship for more than five years now. I and my boyfriend haven’t met personally but we are like other normal couples out there. We have our fair share of happiness and fights. Oh well, I believe lover’s quarrel is just normal for couples, right?

But anyway, I and my boyfriend agreed to have our promise ring in the first day of our first meeting. We plan to visit a church near the hotel we are going to stay and would say our promise after praying. Isn’t it sweet? I don’t know yet if the boyfriend bought the ring, already but if I not I might ask him to check out personalized promise rings for couples I saw online. They have quite a lot of choices and I am pretty sure the boyfriend will find one that is perfect for us and his budget.

For couple out there you might want to check out

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