Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exhausted Day

I am here at the internet café. I need to print photo of the little one for his assignment. Since I am here, I might as well take the opportunity to update this blog.

So, how is your day today? Mine is exhausted. I got a message from my younger earlier today. He told me that he had an accident while in his sideline work and wants me to go to the hospital for he need assistance. As soon as I read his message I hurriedly phoned him to check how he is doing but thanks God nothing serious happened. Although he need to undergo a minor operation as his two toenails need to be removed.

I mentioned in my previous post that my boyfriend is currently in a vacation with his family. I am missing him so much, the phone calls and instant messages in my phone is not enough. But I have enough reason to rejoice now as he will be back later today and I will see him tomorrow morning. Haist, to bad I don’t have my notebook yet. I will surely see him as soon as he arrives at home if I have my notebook now.

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