Saturday, July 7, 2012

Currently At The Public Internet Cafe

Sad to say, my notebook is in the repair shop still. The technician hasn’t found what is wrong with my notebook. I waited for his call this afternoon but I didn’t get any call from him. I guess he is not yet done repairing my notebook. With this I will continue updating my blogs from the public internet café. I am just lucky that I can focus on what I am doing as no one is playing online games where I am typing this post. The desktop for online games is in the first floor. The online problem I encounter is the slow connection.

On the lighter note, I am trying another way of earning online. Thanks to my fellow mommy blogger who are willing to help me all the way. The boyfriend promise me before he left for summer cottage that he will invest if he like what he read in the website. I understand that the boyfriend is hesitant to invest but I am convince that he believe on what I say. For now, I could not do anything but to keep my fingers cross.

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