Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Officially Enrolled

I have mentioned in my other blog that classes in public school here in my other part of the world started last Monday but not for the little one for his class will start next week. Early this afternoon I decided to visit the little one’s school since I am not in the mood to do anything. I am glad that although I am uber lazy I still manage to run few important offline errands. The little one is now officially enrolled in Grade II. Before I left the school, the head teacher handed me his books for me to cover before the classes start.

I’ve been spending quite a lot for the past few months because of my Mom’s medication and contribution because of religious activities in our place. With this the little one will use his old knapsack when he goes to school next week but he will get a new one soon. Oh! I remember I should wash his knapsack tomorrow.

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