Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am sick… And, well, I am not also in the mood to blog today but I have one task that need to be done today so here I am blogging although my body wants to stay on bed. I’ve been staying in bed most the time since this morning but I still don’t feel any better. I think the sore throat is getting worst. It hurts big time when I sneeze or when I am coughing. I do hope I will be okay soon. Anyway, I will be going back to bed after I publish this blog post.

It’s Friday tomorrow and the next day is laundry day.

On Weight Lose

Honestly, losing weight is becoming an issue to me. It’s been few years since I started to try shedding off few kilos but to no avail. Back when I a teenager I so much want to gain weight, I ate a lot in fact more than I usually ate but I don’t understand why I stay slim. It was then when I accepted the fact that I won’t gain weight no matter what I do. But after giving birth to my son after a year I was the time that I started gaining weight nonstop. Now that I am gain way too much of my ideal weight I could not help be frustrated for it seems that losing weight is not easy.

Yes, there are times that I lose a few but I will gain it back eventually when I am in the mood to eat. At one point I tried searching tips on how to lose weight online. I found a lot of helpful tips but I don’t think I can follow them. In deed if you want to lose weight, you must have discipline and perseverance. I read about the raspberry ketone diet. It’s an all natural ingredient and enzyme that helps control weight gain and weight lose.

I shall check this out in the local store if this product is available.

Monday, June 25, 2012

On Minimizing Outbound Links

My notebook is giving me a headache for the past couple of weeks. I am more than grateful that there are times that I can still finish everything that I need to finish. However, there are times that I am left without any choice but to move what I am suppose to do because my notebook keep hanging up and would restart suddenly.

Anyway, I have been blogging for few years now. And, honestly I only have a little knowledge about SEO. I am not a type of person who loves to read online tutorial. I am always a fan of hands on tutorial. I know, I really need to widen my knowledge thus, put a lot of time reading about SEO and other helpful topics that will boast my blogs. Just recently, I found out that a hundreds of outbound links affect my chances of getting Direct Advertiser. With this, I shall do something to lessen the outbound links of my blogs. I know I need more time in blogging and I shall fight my laziness to succeed in this new endeavor.

The thought of getting Direct Advertiser if ever I succeed in minimizing the outbound links from my blogs makes me ecstatic and excited.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

High End Salon Machine

Looking back, when I was younger I am not really particular of my looks. In fact I only used powder and lipstick to enhance my looks and I don’t have any beauty regimen. But let’s admit it ladies, as we go older we became cognizant and conscious of our looks. As for my own experience, I am into makeup and beauty products now. As of this time, I am using a particular brand to lessen the sign of aging in my face.

With this, I am not surprised why putting up a salon is becoming a good business venture. And, well, airbrush makeup machine is getting popular for salon owners. With the high level of competition among salon owners I am not surprised that they want to have high end machine in their salon.

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's TGIF!!!

Woot! Thanks God it’s Friday. It could only mean one thing I don’t need to get up early tomorrow to prepare the little one in going to school. But then, it’s laundry time. Oh well, I just had our laundry few days ago so I don’t have a pile of laundry this time. I just hope Mr Sunshine will shine brightly tomorrow.

Oh I almost forget, I and my other friends will be attending the first birthday of our friend’s daughter. The celebrant is actually one of my many godchildren. I haven’t bought the gift yet hopefully I will find time before Sunday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Know Your Physician

It is normal to get to know the physician background, clinical areas of interest and specialty before booking an appointment especially if you don’t know the physician personally or no recommendation coming from our loved ones. At this point of time, searching for physician information made easy at It has an extensive list of medical professionals like Luis Rodriguez, MD and provide important information about the physician’s professional background.

So whether you are a professional doctor searching for the right social networking or a possible client who wants to know more about the physician before heading to his/her clinic Doximity is the perfect place to head on.


I am indeed a fan of multi-tasking. I have mentioned on several occasions that when I am blogging I am also playing Tetris battle in facebook. But this morning, it’s different. I am not playing Tetris battle instead I continue my unfinished task last night and that is covering the little one’s book. I am almost done. I know I have few tasks to finish in two hours but I cannot simply concentrate in blogging. I don’t know. I am good with multi-tasking eh. Maybe because I am more relax when I am happy of what I am doing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mouth Sores

A couple of days ago, I posted in my facebook wall about having uncomfortable tongue because of mouth sores (singaw). At first I didn’t mind it as I had it before and I didn’t had problem dealing with it. But it’s different this time, as I seem to eat tasteless food and I have problem swallowing any food I ate.

Just because I could not take the pain and uncomfortable feeling anymore I decided to buy the medicine this morning. Hopefully, I will feel better in few days. Oh well, the medicine seems to work as early as now. I applied the oral gel twice and so far so good.

Friday, June 8, 2012


As parent it is disturbing to know that your child is diagnosed having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I really don’t have enough knowledge with this kind of behavior but I remember watching a show on television about the kids who have ADHD. I just don’t remember if the kids are treated using adderall.

But anyway if you know someone who have ADHD I would advise you to read adderall reviews for the safety of your kid.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Officially Enrolled

I have mentioned in my other blog that classes in public school here in my other part of the world started last Monday but not for the little one for his class will start next week. Early this afternoon I decided to visit the little one’s school since I am not in the mood to do anything. I am glad that although I am uber lazy I still manage to run few important offline errands. The little one is now officially enrolled in Grade II. Before I left the school, the head teacher handed me his books for me to cover before the classes start.

I’ve been spending quite a lot for the past few months because of my Mom’s medication and contribution because of religious activities in our place. With this the little one will use his old knapsack when he goes to school next week but he will get a new one soon. Oh! I remember I should wash his knapsack tomorrow.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Discounted Luxury Furniture

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In Need Of HDMI Cable?

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