Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blogger Look

Yesterday I didn't login to my blogger account. I have mentioned in several occasion that my netbook is getting slower each day and I always get disconnected from the internet. The first thing that cross my mind is my netbook is already full of viruses. And, well, I am was right as the technician told it to me when I picked up the netbook last night.

Anyway, I was surprised to see the new look of blogger when I login this morning. Oh well, I know that they will change its look but I not know it will take effect today. I am done watching the video tutorial but I am not yet done exploring the new blogger look. I hope I will get use to the new look soon. How about you? Did you see the new blogger look? How do you find it?

On the other note, the rain continue to pour outside as of this typing which is good since Mr Sunshine has been shining brightly in the past couple of weeks. With this I ask my cousin to do the cleaning in our yard every morning. I choose not to do it myself to avoid serious asthma attack. Anyway, this cousin will simply get something from me and my boyfriend when classes start. I am still thinking of what to give but definitely it is something beneficial to her.

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Mharms said...

I didn't like the new Blogger look. It makes me dizzy. So I set it back to the old one.