Monday, April 2, 2012

Drink Ionized Water

Again, the kids are outside enjoying every bits of their summer vacation. The little tot is topless as I he is sweating a lot. He has been inside and out of the kitchen to drink water. Drinking water is one of the things he usually do when playing which is good more especially that it is too hot outside. Talking about drinking water, I have known the importance of water to our body when I was a grader. But sadly I could not drink the eight glasses recommended dosage every single day. But do you know that recently studies shows that drinking much water is not good to our health? It is because of the acid that we get from the water we drink. But then, I am not really sure of this as I only read it somewhere. I shall read more about this recent study.

Just in case this study is accurate and reliable, then no wonder more and more people are into ionized water. Alkaline water or commonly known as ionized water is believed to be more healthy compared to normal water that we usually drink. It has been said by alkaline water drinker that it is good for the health. Drinking the said water helps cure many serious illness and minor illness. It reduces aging and boosts their immune system. The above mentioned testimony is just few of the testimonies I have read at

With the above mentioned good effect of drinking ionized water it is surely a good reason to have water ionizers installed in our kitchen faucet where we usually get the water we use in cooking and drinking water. I remember my boyfriend, he has been asking about our source of drinking water. He even mentioned that we should use purified water in cooking and drinking when we finally together. He has this stomach problem and he wants to avoid having the said problem while he is here. With this I am considering on getting one as soon as he is here.

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