Saturday, April 28, 2012

Free Online Dating Sites

Truly finding true love can be daunting. Why I say so? It is because finding a real man who would stick with you in everything is tough. I may sound bitter but that is the reality of life. Other men would just want to have a girlfriend for fun. Others would try their best to get what they want and after everything had happen they would left you behind and worst carrying their child. But of course there are still men that are boyfriend and husband material. They are just hanging around the corner waiting for a perfect timing. So if you fall in your last relationship perhaps its high time to move on and start anew.

It is not secret that I am into a long distance relationship, an interracial relationship to be precise. Maintaining this kind of relationship is not easy. There are times that we end up arguing and would patch it after few days. Just like any other relationship interracial relationship also needs trust and love. Oh well, I guess it is the best key to have a perfect relationship only difference is that in a long distance and interracial relationship both should have more patience.

Just in case you want to try your luck in finding your true love online like I did then go ahead start making your online profile. There are lots of free dating sites online. You just need to be careful in choosing as scammers are everywhere or better yet you can check The site has many things to offer including their free audio and video chat, upload 30 photos in your profile page and anti-spam / scam policy. So what are you waiting for? Check them out now!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Special Classes

I have you experience being enrolled in special classes during summer time? As for me, I don’t, have any experience attending special classes during summer. Few years ago, I enrolled my nephew in reading same goes with the little one but not this year. I remember a friend advises me to enroll the little one in music. As you know I could not sing a right tune so I often wonder if I can sing the right tune if ever my parent enrolled me in a music class.

Oh well, I guess I am old for this wish. But I hope the little one would at least have a heart on music. I will surely buy him a guitar or a lace if ever he would ask me to buy it. Then perhaps I can ask the little one to teach me to play the guitar. As for now, I shall let him enjoy the things he loves to do and that is playing.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blogger Look

Yesterday I didn't login to my blogger account. I have mentioned in several occasion that my netbook is getting slower each day and I always get disconnected from the internet. The first thing that cross my mind is my netbook is already full of viruses. And, well, I am was right as the technician told it to me when I picked up the netbook last night.

Anyway, I was surprised to see the new look of blogger when I login this morning. Oh well, I know that they will change its look but I not know it will take effect today. I am done watching the video tutorial but I am not yet done exploring the new blogger look. I hope I will get use to the new look soon. How about you? Did you see the new blogger look? How do you find it?

On the other note, the rain continue to pour outside as of this typing which is good since Mr Sunshine has been shining brightly in the past couple of weeks. With this I ask my cousin to do the cleaning in our yard every morning. I choose not to do it myself to avoid serious asthma attack. Anyway, this cousin will simply get something from me and my boyfriend when classes start. I am still thinking of what to give but definitely it is something beneficial to her.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pool Supply

Summer is already here. You can feel the heat even in the morning. It is this time when lots of people would go to the park, beach or swimming pool. If I am to ask where I want to go these days I would choose to go swimming. If money is not an issue I would like to visit the newly opened resort in the next town. I feel like swimming in the pool.

Talking about pool, if you are in look out on where to find pool supply fret no more as you can actually find it from the comfort of your home. All you need to have is a decent pc and internet.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Of Shedding Unwanted Fats

It has been months or perhaps years that I have been ranting that I want to get rid the unwanted fats that I accumulated over the years but until not I haven’t shed any. I know there lots of women and men out there sure understand how it feels like when you cannot buy the clothes you want or you cannot wear a sexy swim wear because of bulging tummy.

Although I want to lose weight I haven’t consider diet pill to help me achieve the weight I want to achieve. However I have been reading reviews such as apidextra review online so if ever I want to take diet pill in the future I already know which one is effective and safe.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pink Hibiscus

Happiness is when flowers starting to bloom in our yard.

We don’t have a lot of flowering plan in front of house. Oh well, we use to have a different flowering plants before but because I do not have enough time to manage them I stopped planting. Few weeks ago I noticed that the hibiscus plant (commonly known as gumamela to the local) in front our house is starting to bear flower. I thought it will not bear flower anymore since my Mum cut it but I was wrong.

One sunny day the rain started to fall. Since Mr Sunshine is shining still the rain stopped quickly. While standing outside our door I just feel like taking some photos of the pink hibiscus. Here is what I got..

Can you see the rain drops on the flower? How I wish I have a high end camera to emphasize the rain drops and the flower.

Closer look

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White Bedroom Vanity Set

I do have a lot of plan for my room. Oh well, not actually my room as I am sharing it with the little one and my Mum. But if I am to buy something for the room as this point it would be a bedroom vanity set. I am a perfume and make up enthusiast so you will normally see them on my work station scattered as I don’t know where to keep them. Just recently I stumble upon a furniture online store that offers white bedroom vanity sets.

I find this vanity set simply yet elegant and classy. I wonder if I can find the same style or at least similar in one of the local furniture store here in our place.

Search It Online

No wonder internet technology is commonly use in searching these days by most of us, whether we are searching for a long lost relatives or friends or we are searching on where we can shop discounted products online we all need an internet. As we all know internet technology is becoming an avenue for almost everything nowadays.

Just recently a friend has been talking about kuat racks that she wants to buy online. And, honestly I don’t have any idea what kind of racks she is talking about. So as soon as I get home I search online and I was laughing myself when I found out what it is.

Friday, April 13, 2012

An Update Regardless Of Laziness

What seemed to be extra ordinary today, apart from it is Friday the thirteenth? Well, it is a busy day for me. I need to run some offline errands but for some reasons I am over lazy to do anything. I just want to stay in bed and sleep longer. I am honestly not in the mood to blog but since I blogged about aiming to be more productive in terms of blogging, here I am fighting the laziness. Hopefully I will succeed.

On the other note, I and my friends are planning to unwind later today. There is an on-going festivity near the beach here in our town. I hope the little one will agree to be left at home if ever we push through with the plan, keeping my fingers cross.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

CPA as in Cost Per Action

Blogging is easy but if you want to monetize your blog or website then I would say earning through blogging can be daunting at times. You need to have time and patience. You have to work hard for your blog to be visible in different search engines available on the net. Of course there are lots of way to market your blog and website you just need to find what best work on you.

Just recently I came across this website which will allow bloggers to earn and advertisers to market their business. I still have to read more cpa network. I’d like to know how I can start earning with them. Indeed, there are lots of website that pays blogger online.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fun @ The Fun House

Happiness is when I let the little one experience the things I never experience when I was a kid.

My niece inside the mini parlor. See that pink blower?

When I was a kid, I do not know if fun houses already exist in the downtown near my place. But one thing that I am sure, I never experience playing in a fun house so as my other siblings. Almost two weeks ago, I tag along the little one and my niece to the mall. After eating our lunch I asked them if they want to try the rides but they said no, only to found out that they have another plan. That is to play in the fun house. I am quite hesitant for I know it is a bit expensive.


I asked my niece to wear the headband with blond hair. It looks good to her.

Fireman on the phone :)

But after some alibi on my part I give in to the kid’s request. Although I spend some money I smile because they had a blast playing in the fun house. I even let them wear the costume available in the fun house. I have posted more photos here.

They spent their time playing in this orange slide
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Away From Home

Just a short update here. I am posting this blog post using mobile phone. I hope to be home tommorow with the little one. Have a safe holyweek.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer Sporst Feast

It is summer time here in my other part of the world. It is this time when most of the youth leaders are hosting sports even such as basketball and volleyball. In my place our youth leader has been hosting summer sports feast wherein adults, youth and kids can join. It is seldom happened that adults and kids could enjoy together. It is just sad there are times that sportsmanship is often neglected some instances. I heard that they won't be hosting the said event this year.

If my place would host summer sport feast other would enjoy hosting sports event online so no wonder sport league software and so is 'sports league websites are becoming famous. It is not a secret that more and more people are getting hook to the internet these days. In fact there are lots of sports website available in the net nowadays wherein one can bet and enjoy the sports he/she love.

For sports enthusiast who is in one way or another plan to put up sports website then you should have at least an idea what you need to have a successful sports league websites. Visiting would be great as you can find ideas about sports league websites.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thermal Paper: Good For Resturant Business

How I wish I can take a break now as I am having a hard thinking of a good post. It seems that my thoughts are scattered because even the simple constructing of sentence is seemed to be difficult. I would end up deleting what I've type. My mind is like my work station where different kinds of papers are scattered. I really need to clean my messy work station. It might help me think better.

Talking about paper, as we all know paper is one of the important supplies to have when running a business such as restaurant. It is where we record the customer's order. It is also used on printing receipts and proof of transactions. So no wonder business like restaurant would consume a lot of paper every day. Different offices are also using a lot of paper most especially if the office head would ask for a certain report. In fact we use paper almost every day. We can even see many kind of used paper in the trash cans and in the street. This only prove how important the paper for each one of us.

I won't be surprised if a good friend of mine who just open a business for school and office supplies will boom in the future. I am not just sure if she is also offering paper products such paper rolls, bond receipt paper, carbonless rolls, price labels and thermal paper. If not I will advise her to visit It is an online store where she can get all of the above mentioned papers. It also offer napkin bands, price guns, crayons, box cutters, printer ribbons, trash can liners, printer cartridges, and atm paper. All this products are available in different sizes that would allow customers to get what they need. One more reason why you should shop your paper needs with them is that they have competitive shipping rates compared to other online store.

Monday, April 2, 2012

High End Mahogany Dining Table

If I have one thing that I really want to do at this point of time if money is not an issue is to continue the kitchen improvement that I've started few years ago. When my earning online was in its peak I managed to accomplished few home improvements but now that I am not earning as good as before I need to priorities saving for the little one's future. Anyway, in addition to the kitchen improvement that I am planning to do I also want to get a new dining set. Not the expensive kind of dining table because I could not afford it, just now.

If you are like me who wants to have a new dining set then perhaps you might want to visit You can find wide selection of high end mahogany dining chairs and mahogany dining room table. Although this online furniture store is not a the typical store that you could find online because it's expensive price of furniture they offer I can still say that they are one of a must to visit store when it comes to furniture. Having a classic and elegant dining table is really good. Why I say so? It is because it is one of the places in the house where in the whole family is gathered. Nothing can beat the enjoyment and excitement talking to each other sharing thoughts while enjoying the great food a comfortable mahogany dining room table. is not only offering high end mahogany dining table. They also offer bedroom furniture and office furniture and accents such as console table, hallway table and entrance way tables. If you have limited space at home they advise their customer to provide floor plan with detailed measurements and wood samples if you want to match the furniture you are buying to your existing furniture. For more information you can visit their site any time you want.

I'll Take A Break

Gracious! I’ve been blogging since this morning and I am kinda tired already. So I shall take a break now and be back after few hours. I still have eight pending tasks that are due tomorrow. I will be working on it later today and tomorrow.

Mr Sunshine is shining today. Too bad I could not do the laundry today as I am busy with my online tasks. I do hope I can tomorrow. Yay, what a busy life I have for now. But hey, I am not complaining as I am enjoying what I am doing. I just love the blessings that I am receiving.

On Medical Chairs

I didn't know when exact date that the newly built hospital in the city starts to operate. I just found out the hospital is opened already last week when I passed the hospital location on my way to my younger sister's place. As what I've seen outside the hospital they are offering good service but then it's a non-government hospital so no wonder they offer services that other hospitals in the city doesn't offer. Anyway, I just hope that new hospital will serve its purpose and that it to cure or treat patients.

Anyway if you are thinking of opening your own clinic you should be aware that buying medical equipment can be daunting. And, well, it is also expensive that it might a huge waste of your hard earned money if you are going to buy medical equipment such as lift recliners and just used it for few years only. In buying the equipment you need for the clinic that you are planning to put up it is important that you look around or ask your family and friends where you can find medical equipment that may last longer as to get back the amount you've spent. As for me, I will advise you to check out is the place where the one can get the good collection of medical chairs. They not only have the lift recliner but also power lift chairs, diabetes care, medications, vitamins, bathroom safety, cleaning and sanitation products, and much more. Truly this medical online store is a one stop shop for all your medical supplies and equipment needs.

Just in case you are in a lookout for medical chairs but you don't have enough time to roam around you can visit With the promise of providing highest home health care products in a lowest possible price I am sure you will find what you need.

Drink Ionized Water

Again, the kids are outside enjoying every bits of their summer vacation. The little tot is topless as I he is sweating a lot. He has been inside and out of the kitchen to drink water. Drinking water is one of the things he usually do when playing which is good more especially that it is too hot outside. Talking about drinking water, I have known the importance of water to our body when I was a grader. But sadly I could not drink the eight glasses recommended dosage every single day. But do you know that recently studies shows that drinking much water is not good to our health? It is because of the acid that we get from the water we drink. But then, I am not really sure of this as I only read it somewhere. I shall read more about this recent study.

Just in case this study is accurate and reliable, then no wonder more and more people are into ionized water. Alkaline water or commonly known as ionized water is believed to be more healthy compared to normal water that we usually drink. It has been said by alkaline water drinker that it is good for the health. Drinking the said water helps cure many serious illness and minor illness. It reduces aging and boosts their immune system. The above mentioned testimony is just few of the testimonies I have read at

With the above mentioned good effect of drinking ionized water it is surely a good reason to have water ionizers installed in our kitchen faucet where we usually get the water we use in cooking and drinking water. I remember my boyfriend, he has been asking about our source of drinking water. He even mentioned that we should use purified water in cooking and drinking when we finally together. He has this stomach problem and he wants to avoid having the said problem while he is here. With this I am considering on getting one as soon as he is here.