Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Little One Is Not Eating Much

I noticed that the little one is not eating much lately. I am kinda worry because he is already losing weight. With this I am planning to buy vitamin for him to have a good appetite as soon as I get my blogging money this week. I don’t want him to be sick especially that they will have their final exam next week.

Talking about examination, I still have outstanding balance that need to be paid. I will also settle this when I get my money from blogging. The plan of getting something for myself might not be materialize (again) as I have to prioritized the little one more than myself. True indeed, that when you become a mother, your child/children’s necessity is on the top list.

Anyways, I do hope I will be getting more direct advertisers in the future so I can continue to save for the stuff I want for myself and be able to deposit some amount for the account I opened for the little one.

1 comment:

Mel_Cole said...

awww, you'll get what you want sis. sacripisyo lang muna ngayon. you'll rewarded.