Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too Hot!!!

I am finally up for an update. I have been busy running online errands for my other blog and running offline errands. As I have mentioned in my other blog pouring of online opportunity for this blog and my other blog is unstoppable. I have more than twenty tasks to work on. I really want to finish few of my pending tasks in my LL dashboard but I just could not do it just now. I guess the hot weather is the reason why I am having a little headache.

With this I am also having a second thought whether to attend my cousin’s graduation or not. The supposed to be meeting of his mother today was cancel so it is okay if I will not go but then, I promise him that I’ll go after the mass. Well, let’s see what will gonna happen.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bring Binoculars When Camping

Summer time is just around the corner, however, we have been experiencing on and off rain lately. Truly the weather is unpredictable these days, perhaps it is because of the global warming. Anyway, if you're planning to take a break from your hectic schedule at work then summer time is the perfect time to do it. You can tag along your family to a summer camp. I am quite sure the kids will enjoy seeing and appreciating the beauty of nature. One more reason why you should choice to take a break on summer is that there are lots of outdoor activities that you and the kids will surely enjoy doing. As we all know kids just love to play and run around freely. Nothing beats the excitement when children are given a chance to watch and witness the beauty of nature using Binoculars.

When buying Binoculars there are few things that you should be consider. Like for example if you are buying it for children you should choice the one that is not heavy to carry and made of durable materials. At, you can find different kind of stylish and affordable Binoculars. In fact one can actually find outdoor equipment such as rifles, telescope, metal detectors, laser, flashlight and much more.

Room Improvement

Home improvement is always on top of list if money is not matter. For the past few years I’ve been spending quite a lot of money in home improvement and other home fixtures. I know for a fact that our home still needs a lot of improvements. But then, if ever I will have enough budget beautifying my room would be on top of my list this time. I have mentioned before that my stuff and the little tot’s stuff are not organize because the cabinet I have in the room it not big enough to accommodate all our things.

Hopefully, my earning will allow me to save some for this plan. I already have an idea what to do with my room. As for the cabinet I am considering plastic handles to match the color I want for my room.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rain Is Pouring So As The Blessing Online

Oh boy! The cold weather made me sleep long. I planned to take a nap for an hour but gracious it’s already passed four o’clock when I wake up. It only means I slept for almost three hours which I think is good since I’ve been blogging all morning. Now, I am back to blogging mode finishing all the tasks in my dashboard. I need to work continuously as I have another batch of online tasks to work on from another paying site. It’s been a while since the last time I got a task to work on from this website that is why I am more than grateful to this website. I may complain the number of words I need for a post but I will surely try my best to follow what the requirement is.

Anyway this is what I am looking for, a task to work on so I will earn more. So I’ll give my best shot and make the most out of it.

Of Being In A Financial Difficulties

No matter how we try to carefully stay in our monthly budget there would be instances that we are left without any penny in our wallet because of unforeseen expenses. As a single mother and a breadwinner of the family I’ve been in this situation many times. It’s either I will get a loan from a friend or I will just wait for my next budget but mostly my boyfriend will save me from financial problem. With this I don’t usually need to loan somewhere or consider getting structured settlements which I don’t have an idea what is it. I just heard a friend talking about it.

Oh well, just in case I’ll need this one day will visit, it gives a lot of information and tips.

Personalized Children Items

Personalized items are becoming popular these days. I have seen a lot of personalized items wore by some individuals. There are also ample of choices of personalized items sold in the stores in the downtown and in the mall. I am planning to buy a personalized shirt for myself and for the little one but I haven’t found a good design that will look good to us. Hopefully I can find soon. I should start searching on the net for the design.

One time, while we were roaming around the mall the little tot found fun towels for children hanging on the children section. He asked me if I could buy him one but because I was in a tight budget and we were to buy a new shirt for him I just told him that we were buy it next time. Gladly he give in to mama without arguing. I am really lucky to have such a wonderful kid.

Friday, March 23, 2012

On Dropping Blogs @ Entrecard

I have mentioned in my previous post that I aim to build a good traffic for my blogs. Since the closing of adgitize I’ve been planning to return back to entrecard. It was my means of building traffic for my blogs before but for some reasons I stop dropping. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to dropped one hundred blogs. I do hope I can continue dropping. Having good blog traffic is essential to have a profitable website that grasps advertiser’s attention.

Hopefully, I can continue dropping for my blog to have a good traffic. For now, I shall go and prepare going to the mall. I will be running errand with the little tot and my niece.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Night Full Of Magic

Happiness is watching Magic Show

I should be posting this last week but for some reason I always forget to post about it. It was one fine night when a friend came over to invite us to watch a magic show. I don’t have any plan of going although the little tot keeps on reminding me about the Magic Show. Good thing a friend invites us so I decided to go. It’s not because this friend will pay the tickets because I am the one who paid out tickets. It is for a simple reason that I want an old companion when we go. I simply don’t want to go somewhere with the kids at night.

After encourageging the little tot he finally give in to my request to have a photo taken in the stage.

But anyway we found out that we were one of early birds to arrive in the venue. The advantage of arriving early is that we manage to get a chair in front of the stage. We also had a chance to take some photos. And well, if there is an advantage of coming early. The disadvantage is that the kids are getting bored after sitting down for almost an hour. To ease the boredom I asked them to buy something to munch while waiting for the show to start. After almost two hours of waiting the show finally started. The kids really had a great time watching the magic show and so I am and my friend.

Yours truly....

My friend, Stephen

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Need Of Answering Service?

Fret no more..

There is no doubt that business competition nowadays is on the highest level. As a business owner you would not want your business to be the least visited and least choice of clients. Oh well, having a business in the first place is not easy. There are lots of important things to be considered. Answering inquiries and other questions with regard to the business is really important so getting a reliable answering service should be on top.

Should you need a reliable and trusteed answering service for your company then head on to They have been in the business for some times now and for eight consecutive years they bagged the award of excellence by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI). The industry’s largest trade association for providers of call center and telephone answering services.

On Going Back To Entrecard

After the closing of Adgitize, I’ve been planning to use entrecard in building my blog traffic. But until now, I haven’t started using entrecard. Oh well, I tried visiting my account once since then I haven’t visited my account, again. I have noticed that my visitors are coming from entrecard. So, I guess it’s high time I go back to entrecard seriously. But then not soon, I need to reformat my netbook. I hope I can do it before the end of this month.

On the other note, the weather today is unpredictable. A while ago, I helped my mother to hang the clothes I washed yesterday but an hour the rain started the fall, Haist, good thing the drier in our old washing machine is working still. Every time that Mr Sunshine is not shining we always use the drier and just hang the clothes inside.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Securing The Future Of The Little Tot

As a mother I always want to secure the future of my son. I already started saving for his future but I am not happy and satisfied with what happen to this plan. More often than not I don’t have extra amount that I can deposit to the account I opened for him. If money is not an issue I’d love to invest in silver bullion bars. I read somewhere that investing in precious metal like silver is a good.

But anyway, I am just happy that although there are times that I am financially trouble I haven’t been tempted to withdraw from the account intended to the little one. Hopefully time will come that I can smile from ear to ear for the reason that I secured the future of my son.

For those who are considering on investing your hard earned money in precious metals, you can visit Golden Eagle Coins at

It's A Gloomy Saturday

Just wake up a while ago. The little tot and his cousin are already outside playing. Kids really, they will wake up early when they don’t need to wake up early and stay in bed late when they should wake up early and prepare going to schoo. Haist, anyway, I’ll just let the little tot enjoy while I am doing my online stuff and after I will let him come inside to start memorizing a poem.

It is a gloomy Saturday here in my other part of the world. Good thing I decided not to the laundry today because I don’t think Mr Sunshine will show up today. For few weeks Mr Sunshine is always hiding whenever I am doing our laundry.

Friday, March 16, 2012


TGIF guys! Honestly I don’t know what story I am going to share in here, I know I am most of my blog post are non-sense post. Oh well, I will be posting another non-sense post today )sob). I just know I need to post a non-paid post before I could post another paid post. I still have few online tasks assign for this blog coming from my number one favorite website. I am actually getting sleepy but I will be talking to the boyfriend in less than an hour so no used of taking a nap. It will just give me a headache.

On the other note, the little tot finally had his final exam yesterday and today so I don’t need to wake early on Monday. Oh well, he still need to attend their practice for their Moving Up Ceremony but I guess I can stay in bed longer.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring And Etc

Of course all women would dream of getting an engagement from their partner. Who doesn’t want to wear an engagement ring anyway more so if it’s a diamonds ring? Even older ladies would love to have diamond jewelries but because of its expensive price, only few individual can afford to buy jewelries with diamond.

Just recently I came across a jewelry store that offer wide array of
vatche ring. Engagement from this online jewelry store is not that expensive compared to other engagement rings but they are as good as the diamond engagement ring that is made by the top engagement ring designer in market. Their rings may not be jaw dropping kind of engagement ring but rest assure that your girlfriend will have a simplest yet very elegant engagement ring to show off. I was born this month and that makes me an Aquamarine lady. Having an engagement ring with my birthstone like the picture above will surely awesome.

Anyway, the first thing to consider when buying an engagement ring is the ring size. They say the size of our finger changes slightly during different times of the day- fingers can be puffier during the morning, they can shrink when cold and expand when hot but normal fingers are in normal size during the day. To avoid the inconvenience of having to resize the ring, it is best to measure the finger in normal temperatures which is at the end of the day. You also need to the personality of the person whom you want to ask to marry. There is no doubt that choosing a perfect ring has proven to be more challenging and daunting, with so many things to consider. But at the end of the day it is the thought that actually count. And well, any girl would just be overwhelmed of what their partner can afford, right girls?

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Getting The Body Measurement You Desire

If I have one thing that I want to do right now that concerns my health is to lose weight. I have mentioned on several occasion how I struggle to lose the excess weight that I’ve mount up for the past few years. Getting my old weight is not that easy and certainly there are lots of people out there that will agree of what I’ve said.

But then again, we are in a modern era wherein one has a lot of options to choice as to how we can achieve the perfect body measurement that we want. If in case you are tired a lots of technique to lose weight then perhaps it’s high time you try the undergoing medical surgery. Of course, there is lots of trusted surgeon around the world; you just need to find them. If you’re living around Montreal and in a look out of trusted Plastic Surgeon Montreal that will conduct the surgery you want in your body, may it a liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift and much more.

Undergoing a surgery with Plastic Surgery Montreal is one of the safest surgeries that anyone can have when it comes to beauty enhancing surgery. And well, also helps those individuals to gain back the self-esteem they have lost because of accidents resulted to physical transformation. Should you need more information, you can visit the links above.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blogging Instead Of Resting

Darn! I haven’t been posting an update in my blogs. I am not actually in the mood to blog today, for the reason that I am having an allergy. I am sneezing and blowing my nose while typing this post which I find disturbing. Apart from allergy, my lower abdomen is in pain. I blame it to my monthly visitor. But for the sake of blogging I am here trying to make this blog post regardless of the fact that I am not comfortable.

On the lighter note, I mentioned in my previous post that I have another blog, a self-hosted blog. If you have time, please do visit my new baby Single Mom Reviews. It is open for link exchange, so if you want your link to be added in my new blog just leave me a note and I will add your link. Happy blogging…

Friday, March 9, 2012

I And The Little Tot

Being a single mother that I am, my ultimate happiness is to be with the little tot. I may not be a perfect mother but rest assured that he is love and well taken care of.


It's Friday once again and it's time for weekend meme. The photo above is me and the little tot, taken when he was one year old. I was slim then and the little tot is still wearing a bangs. Now, he don't want a bangs and definitely hate when his hair is two inches long.

This is our latest photo together, taken last month during the birthday bash of my nephew (son of my cousin). See the difference from the first photo? I certainly gained much.

I was on my way to pick up the little tot few days ago when I passed by this pinky little flower on the road. I do not know what it is the name of the tree that bear this cute tiny flowers.


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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On Home Lightings

Few days ago I and my friends were browsing an old magazine. We were actually looking at the photos of the featured house own by a local celebrity. The house is really appealing and surely a cosy place to live in. I and my friends wondered how much the owner spent for that beautiful house. Oh well, the owner has the money so no wonder she manage to own the place.

But sometimes, money is not really an issue to have a pleasing place to live in. You only have to be creative to make your place look good and appealing. I remember a friend telling me that lighting is one of the big factors to consider in having a nice and comfortable home. And, well, he is right for choosing the right lighting fixtures can make a place look good.

But I understand that we are not all creative. I admit I do not have an eye in creativity but I do know that by just using pendant lighting that looks good already can turn a simply house to elegant. Adding elk lighting can also add the beauty of our home. So if in case you are undergoing home improvement, you should consider checking You can find wide selection of lighting fixtures from indoor to outdoor, from ordinary lighting to extra ordinary lighting fixture. You can search the most popular categories to make your search easier as they really have hundreds of items available.

Should you wish more information, you head on to Lamp Click website.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Little One Is Not Eating Much

I noticed that the little one is not eating much lately. I am kinda worry because he is already losing weight. With this I am planning to buy vitamin for him to have a good appetite as soon as I get my blogging money this week. I don’t want him to be sick especially that they will have their final exam next week.

Talking about examination, I still have outstanding balance that need to be paid. I will also settle this when I get my money from blogging. The plan of getting something for myself might not be materialize (again) as I have to prioritized the little one more than myself. True indeed, that when you become a mother, your child/children’s necessity is on the top list.

Anyways, I do hope I will be getting more direct advertisers in the future so I can continue to save for the stuff I want for myself and be able to deposit some amount for the account I opened for the little one.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Morning Thought

It seems that allergy is becoming my constant visitor. I noticed that I am having it every morning. The idea of always having my asthma medicine really works as I can take any time when I feel like having an asthma attack. I could not afford to be sick at this point of time. I do have a lot of stuff to attend and I need to continue earning as I have plan that need to be materialize the soonest.

By the way, did I mention here that I will have another blog? Well, another self-hosted blog is on process. Like any other blog, I will be monetizing it when the right time comes. So as early as of now, I am purchasing a dedicated IP, for it to have a greater chance of earning online. So kudos to me :).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Earn Money Through Blogging

At this time you may want to earn more than you earn from your regular work or you might be thinking of a good part-time job for you to earn extra. It’s not a secret that basic commodities are increasing but the salary is not yet increasing. So it is just normal if you are running out of cash and pay day is a week away. I am a single mother and a bread winner in the family so I know how it is to run out of cash yet you still have bills to pay. Few years ago I started blogging- the main reason is for me to have my own site where I can share my thoughts and sentiments. Who would have thought that I can actually Make Money Online? I was just surfing the net when I came across an interested blog that talks about how to make money through blogging. I got interested and I read all tne tips and the steps I need to do to start earning online.

Of course there are lots of ways on how to make money online, doing paid post perfectly works with me. As for my friend whom I encourage to blog, she is not only earning through blogging she is also earning by taking surveys and reading website. There is no doubt that if you want to earn extra you can actually do it. All you have to do is the right resources and the willingness to learn new stuff.

Lucky Month

Will I be lucky this month in terms of online earning? Well, I smile from ear to ear when I opened my inbox this morning I got a message for a sponsored post assign for this blog. I do hope blessing will continue to pour. I am saving for something this month so I’ll am praying that I’ll earn more than I earn last month. March is my birthday month so I hope I’ll be luckier in my online endeavour.

On the other note, I missed joining the weekly meme last week, for this blog at least. I promise to join this week. I noticed that my daily visitor dropped since last week so I need to work hard to continue building a good traffic for this blog.

How I Started My First Blog/Website

Having my own blog is dream come true. I owe it to a friend whom I meet online in one of the social networking I joined few years ago. I remember when I was still in college I actually write a domain name in all my books and other school materials. Isn’t it a good proof that I really want a site of my own? But because I don’t have any idea on how to make this dream into a reality I somehow stop wanting to have a site. My desire of having my own site came back after giving birth to the little one I want to make an online journal how it is to be a mother.

One day, a friend online shared her website. I felt static as I know I can ask someone to help me with my desire of having a website or a blog. Luckily this friend taught me how to set up a blog for free. I could not explain the excitement when I published my first blog post.

When I had my own desktop courtesy of my boyfriend I started searching online on how to start a blog. For some reasons I was not happy with my first site anymore. I was amazed as I found a lot of tutorial on how to make a website or blog online. After a day of reading I started making my second blog in blogger, which I continue to update as of this typing. Since, I am a type of person who likes to share what I’ve learned I encourage few of my friends to start a blog and helped them setting up their own blog. It feels great whenever I am doing it.

So if you want to have your own blog, fret no more are you can find easy to follow online help.

Celebrate St Patrick Day With Mommy Bloggers Contets

Yesterday, I was just a friend online who is a fellow single mom. We talked about joining blog contest. She did won few times and I was inspired by her to start joining blog contest. I haven’t won any blog contest so I am kinda lazy to join. So here I am again trying my luck.

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