Monday, February 6, 2012

On Earthquakes

I actually don’t know what to write in here so I thought of just sharing another gibberish blog post. But while I am thinking of my first sentence I suddenly felt shaky. An earthquake occurred, again. For the past couple of weeks we have been experiencing earthquake. With this, a rumors has been spreading all around about the blow off of an underwater volcano in Matarinao Salcedo Eastern Samar yesterday at 5 pm. We were on our way to the beach to meet my friends when I got this sms from my cousin. I didn’t panic since I read earlier that there is no such report in the official website of PHILVOCS. However it didn’t stop me from worrying for I know no one could say what will happen today and tomorrow or in the next coming days. I pray that our HE will keep us safe.

I just want to post this article from one of my friend’s wall in facebook.

The series of earthquakes beginning 3rd week of January 2012 (the latest significant event with Magnitude 5.9 occurred at 9:09pm 4feb2012) with epicenters offshore of Eastern Samar and felt in Samar and Leyte islands are a result of movement of the Philippine Sea Plate diving down under eastern Philippine Trench. The Earthquake, although of moderate strength, were not strong enough to cause significant damage or trigger a tsunami. These are NOT caused by volcanic activity. There are no underwater volcanoes east of Samar Islands and it is not possible to have volcanoes there. Aftershocks may still happen, although the exact timing cannot be predicted. Most aftershocks are not significant in sizes but stronger ones cannot be discounted. Public must not panic and should not believe in text rumors or spread rumors. However, public should always be reminded that strong earthquakes have happened in the area in the past although no tsunamis were ever recorded. Thus, it is always important that earthquake and tsunami preparedness must be conducted by the local governments and public. - Official statement of DOST8

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