Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mr Sunshine..

…Mr Sunshine.

Yay, I actually don’t know what I am to write in this blog post. I’ve been staring in my netbook monitor for 10 minutes or more, yet, I could not think of appropriate words to use. I guess I need to rejuvenate for I’ve been stress and not in my best mood for quite sometimes now. Truly when rain pours it keep on pouring, for I am carrying heavy burden at this point of time. I remember saying in my previous post that I am dealing some personal issues for the past couple of weeks. Until now, I am still dealing with it. And, well, I do not even know if it is getting better or it is simply getting worse. I just hope and pray that in time I get over all the burden I am currently dealing with.

On the other note, the little one was over sweet to me before going to school. I know he is up for something and I am right. Before he left for school he told me that he want to have his lunch in school. Kids these days, they really know how to lure their parent when they want something.

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