Thursday, February 16, 2012

Had A Blast With My Friends

Duh! I woke up late so the little one and the nephew woke up late as well. It was almost seven o’clock when I checked my phone clock, yay. Should I blame it to the cold weather or simply because I slept very late last night. I should have set the alarm clock in my phone so I won’t be staying late in bed.

On the lighter note, I had a blast with my other sets of friends yesterday. We roam around the mall and downtown area. As I have mentioned in my previous post it is always fun to be with them. Oh well, gays are indeed fun to be with. We planned to watch movie coming Saturday. I do hope the weather will be nice then. But then, nothing can stop us anyway. We just want to have fun fun fun… too bad I missed taking photos of us.

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