Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aim To Fight Laziness

Oh boy! It seems that I am getting lazy again. I still have few tasks in my dashboard and, well, it has been there since last week. I shall do it today or else I will run out of time again. Just a few weeks ago I blog about aiming to do well in blogging since this is my only means of earning extra money. I guess I shall put it in my pretty head what my goal is, so I will be motivated always.

Apart from idle online tasks I also need to visit entries of the weekly meme I joined in this week. I started the hopping the other day but I need to run few offline errands so I decided to just continue when I get back but it didn’t happen. I hope to do it today. And, oh! I didn’t join any weekly moment for this blog last week, so I shall post some photo soon. Watch out for it guys.

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