Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thoughts Of A Mom

As I was watching the little tot playing in our bed I realize that he is growing so fast. Other people would tell me that he is kinda big at his age. True indeed compared to the kids I know at his age but I guess it’s also because of the genes that he got from his biological father. In due time he will turn seven years old, he is not a baby anymore. In fact he started asking us not to call him a baby when was turning three years old. He often corrects us to call him Kuya Justin instead of baby Justin. He even doesn’t want me to call him “anak” as he more want I call him Kuya but I patiently explain him the reason why I love to call him “anak” and he understand me now, thanks God. Often times ask myself if I am ready to let go of my baby boy whom I asked for a hug and kiss many times a day and just enjoy watching him growing up. I know, time will come that he may be shy to do it whenever I ask him to give me a hug and kisses. But I am hoping that it not going to be soon for I will surely miss it.

At a young age, he is sometimes mature and would ask me personal questions that I find difficult to answer. I know, as he grow older he will have a lot of questions to ask. I hope and pray that when that time comes I have an answer ready for his questions. Yay, raising a child alone is indeed a tough job yet a very fulfilling job. I am not saying that I am proud to be a single mom as I didn’t dream of being one but I embraced it without any question for I believe God has its own purpose why this has to happen.

Looking back, I can still say that I am happy compared to other single moms out there as I have a family whom I can count when I have problem. I have a very supportive boyfriend who is always there to help and guide me always. How can I forget thanking my greatest PROVIDER, for showering me a lot of blessing although I am not a perfect child? Thank you, Dear Jesus for giving me a loving and thoughtful son and boyfriend, a family and friends to lean on in every curve ball that comes my way.

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