Saturday, January 28, 2012

Superb Bracket Wall Speaker

Been busy running offline errands for the past couple of days. Few days ago I was the mall to buy some stuff for my son’s birthday coming Monday. While roaming around the mall to look for the stuff I needed I passed by an appliance store to check how much will it cost me if I buy an electric fan for my room. But what really catch my attention was the speaker wall brackets that were hang in the wall. I feel in love with it. If money is not a question I sure want to own a set of those speakers. I am both a movie and music love so owning a good speaker will be great.

As for music, I have posted in my other blog that I can sing the right tune but I love music. Whenever I listen to my kind of music I always fall asleep. It would be more fun listening to my favourite music if I’ll have a nice speaker. I am sure you I am not alone of wanting to have a super fabulous speaker.

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