Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Fine Monday

So, I am finally joining Orange Tuesday again after missing it for quite sometimes. I am glad that I’ve few photos to share for this meme. As I mentioned in my other blog I accompany the little tot and his cousins to watched Panday 2. The little tot really wants to watch this movie and yesterday was a perfect time because his cousin was here. So off we go to Movie World with my Mum and the kids.

Photo not mine

Since my sister and her daughters will be going home that day we decided to watch the first showing. We arrived early, in fact too early that the ticket was still closed. So we waited for about 15 minutes but the kids had fun while waiting for they had a chance to pose for the camera. The little tot is wearing a Moose Gear orange polo that I bought before Christmas.

The kids also had a chance to pose for the camera before the movie starts. The advantage of arriving early because we were the first group to go inside the cinema and luckily no guard was roaming around that time. As you all know camera's are not allowed inside the cinema.

Even at the restroom they ask me to take a photo of them. Good thing I obey thier request because I capture one of thier happy moments together. See even at the restroom they are having a great time.

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Dhemz said...

looks like they're having a blast!

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Jessica said...

awww your boy is so gwapo Mommy :-) looks like he had blast with his friends. I missed watching Pinoy movies, it has been awhile since the last time I watch one :-( Returning the visit from Orange Tuesday. I do appreciate your footstep in my entry.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Please come on over to RUBY TUESDAY 2 and leave your link!

JonaBQ said...

Kids today love posing for the cam too! Thanks for the visit.

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Seow wei said...

The kids are having fun, so happy, they must enjoy the movie.

KM said...

How was the movie, Rose? I saw yung trailer nito nung nasa Pinas ako ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog ah :)

By the way, I'm opening a meme on Friday in my other blog, and I hope you can join there too. It's called Happiness Is... Meme, and here is the link, please check it out:


See ya there :)

Admin said...

they seem to have great time..happy new year to all of you..

me and my blogs are following you now..feel free to follow..thanks..

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Lainy said...

They sure had loads of fun. Mukhang mga bata pa naiinlab sa camera ah, hehe!

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See yah!

Lainy said...

Visiting back here this time via Morning,


MaiThreeBoyz said...

the kids really had a great time! what happy memories. thanks for the visit, Rosemarie.

Nova said...

so adorable...

Shengkay said...

surely they enjoy it..
Thanks for joining OT 30th Edition. Hope you could join OT 32nd edition still open till Saturday..

Mel_Cole said...

awww, so cute photo of the kids! may panday version na pala na si Bong Revilla ha. Cool! visiting from OT.