Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moment Moment #2

As a mother it is fulfilling being with the little one in everything that he does and in every step that he takes. Just for instance I always make sure to attend in all his school activities. I know my Mum would also love to go with him when I am not available but even if I have a lot of stuff to finish online I’d always choice to be with my son. As he grows older he has few questions about family. So I tried my best to be with him always so he will not feel that he is different from other kids. He once breaks my heart into pieces when he told me it more fun if he has a papa to play with during family day. But I am glad that a young age he can already understand his situation although he complained once in a while.

For this week’s mommy moment I am sharing photo of me and the little one taken few months ago during the Family and Foundation Day of his school.

Us, taken right after the parade.. see the sweat? He is too tired but still manage to smile..

After losing the first game I joined he demanded that we should win the apple eating contest and we did..hahahaha...

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Chris said...

these moments are memorable! :D

 gmirage said...

oh, this looks like a fun activity for the family...glad you enjoyed this day out! -

janakidiary said...

congrats on winning that contest! thanks for the visit :)

Tetcha said...

Spending quality time with our children is truly priceless!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

next month will be my daughter's first family day in school .. I hope everything will get well like you i'm also single mother to her. She is now 4 years old.