Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maria La Del Barrio

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My current favourite show in Kapamilya Network.

I honestly, I seldom watch television- the reason is that my favourite shows are usually aired when I am talking to my boyfriend or when I am busy blogging. However, it doesn’t mean that I could not watch my favourite shows anymore. I can still watch it without missing a single episode. Thanks to iWantv, I can watch Maria la Del Barrio anytime I want for FREE.

Maria Hernandez is a charcoal maker who dreams of making furniture in her own shop, much like her mother Sandra, who died years ago in a fire leaving Maria orphaned. Maria grows up with Sandra’s best friend Casilda in barrio Munting Ilog. When Casilda falls ill, Maria is forced to seek help from Father Honorio for added work. This leads her to meet Fernando Dela Vega, the owner of Amore Design, one of the country’s top furniture companies. Fernando takes Maria to work for his family as a maid.

Unknown yet to Maria, Fernando was the former love of her mother Sandra. And that Fernando’s wife Victoria, is Sandra’s former friend and partner. Sandra & Victoria founded Amore designs, but Victoria double-crossed Sandra taking both her boyfriend and ownership of Amore. But before the fire, Sandra had bequeathed her shares to Maria, making Maria owner of 50% of Amore Designs.

Working for the Dela Vegas leads Maria to meet, for the second time, Luis Dela Vega, the eldest of the Dela Vega children among those children are Vanessa and Vladimir. Maria had met and admired Luis before, seeing his work in Viscera, a small furniture shop. But Luis pays to her no mind. Worse, Luis, having had problems with his father Fernando, begins to suspect Maria to be Fernando’s mistress. This through the suspicions of Soraya, his friend who is secretly in love with him. Luis makes Maria fall in love with him, with the intention of hurting Maria and making her leave.

But despite this, he falls in love with Maria. And Maria, despite the pain, cannot help herself from loving Luis. But their love is put to the test by several trials.

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