Saturday, January 7, 2012

DOT Slogan Unveiled: It's More Fun In The Philippines

I slept late last night. I took a nap before talking to the boyfriend online so I guess that was the reason why I wasn’t sleepy after we talk. So after I talked to my boyfriend I continue building the traffic for my blogs by visiting from one blog to another and leaving some footsteps. I also visited some blogs from the weekend meme’s that I’ve joined. My newly opened baby blog Pinay Single Mom’s Nook is also up for weekly meme called Happiness Is meme. And yeah, it is also open for link exchange.

Photo not mine

While hopping from one blog to another I came across a blog post about the unveiling of the new DOT (Department of Tourism) slogan. As we all know, DOT announces to change the former slogan as one of their strategy of marketing our country’s tourist destination to local and foreign tourist. As for me the slogan is just right. Filipinos are known for being happy. Despite the hardships and heartaches that each of us is suffering we always have a smile readied for other people.

Been wanting to travel and visit other places in the country but because of financial difficulties and I’ve other important priorities this dream hasn’t yet materialized. I do hope that one day my dream to travel with the little one and my Mum will come into a reality. As for now, I shall congratulate the Department of Tourism for a job well done.

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