Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

So, are you ready for the media noche? As for us, we are almost done that is why I am blogging now and will take a nap soon so I will have energy for our year end drinking session, LOL.

Anyways, before I forget I want to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

On Christmas Party

For some reasons I missed joining any of the weekly colour meme last week. I was engrossed for my late Christmas shopping, gift wrapping and doing online tasks. I really thought I could not join this week too but gladly I login to my FB account while chatting to my love so I found out that the Pink Fridays is up, already. It’s the last Friday of year 2011 and I won’t miss it.

Anyway here are the photos I am going to share. The photos were taken during the school Christmas Party of the little one.

The little tot chit chatting to his classmate before the exchange gift start. If I am right one of his classmate asked him what is his gift to his Manita and since I was few steps away heard when he disclose his gift. Kids sometimes don't know how to keep a secret, LOL.

Giving his gift to his shy Manita. I saw it when the little girl opened the gift. I smiled when I saw the little girl smile when she saw what's inside the gift. It's a Barbie doll. As for the little tot he got an Angry bird shirt but unfortunately it's doesn't fit him. He is keeping the shirt for remembrance. I also noticed that Angry birds stuff dominated this year. I've seen some kids holding many kinds of Angry birds things.

Unpredictable Weather

The weather these days is indeed unpredictable. As I’ve mentioned in my other blog I will be with my cousin to buy the groceries and other stuff for the coming New Year. The sun was shining brightly on our way to the mall but it was raining hard when we were on our way to downtown. It is really a bummer because we didn’t bring an umbrella so we were force to walk under the small rain.

Anyway, a day before New Year, are you ready for another year? I do hope the coming New Year will bring us a good vibes in everything that we do. And let us give thanks to the one above for giving us another new year to spend.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


As of this typing it’s already flooding here my place and other part of the municipality. I am quite sure that the neighbouring towns are also flooding. In fact I witness the flooding in the near barangay. I and my friend were riding in his motorbike when we decided to go back because the water is already flowing in the road and we noticed it’s not safe, already. My younger brother told us a few hours ago that few towns are now impassable due to floods.

Anyways, there are already few families that are evacuated in our Barangay Hall. I do hope that the rain will stop so that the flood will subside real soon. I am sharing few photos taken a while ago.

One of the houses in the next barangay. The flood is almost in thier doorstep.

As you can see, almost half of the first floor of the Brgy. Hall in the next barangay is already flooded..

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Greetings

Shop Electronic Online

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


After few days of not updating this blog I am finally posting a new blog post. I am going to downtown today with my Aunt who arrived yesterday from London. I should be going to downtown early today to buy present for my godchildren but my Aunt asked me to accompany her so here I am waiting for her and while waiting for her I decided to blog and finish few tasks that I got.

On the lighter note, the little tot is enjoying the toy he got from my Aunt. I hope he stop bugging me to buy him the Bumble Bee transformer as a gift this holiday season. He is also asking for a fire truck. My Aunt grants her request, already.

Sweet Gifts For Sweet Girls

With the Christmas day fast approaching I am quite sure that those who haven’t completed their holiday shopping is busy preparing and searching presents for their loved ones. Like me, I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping. I know I am already late on this but then as the saying goes, better late and never.

If you are one of those who are still searching for gifts then I urge you to consider sweet gifts for girls. Girls are born with sweet tooth and I am sure receiving chocolates and other kinds of sweets this holiday season would be great.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Backpacks Gifts

Its few days to go before Christmas. Are you done buying and wrapping the gifts for your loved ones? As for me, I am not yet done buying my gifts and I haven’t start wrapping the gifts I have here. Laziness is visible these days. I hope to start the wrapping soon.

There is no doubt that buying gifts is not an easy task. So if you are still searching for a perfect gift for your loved ones then perhaps you might want to consider deuter backpacks. It’s a perfect gift for those who loves outdoor. At they offer free shipping for orders over $75. Isn’t a good saving? Visit the site now for more information.

A Rainy Saturday Random Thought

It’s been raining since yesterday. I’ve heard that there is a tropical depression here in my other part of the world. I am glad that although it was raining cats and dogs earlier I able to attend the second day mass of the nine morning masses. I am kinda sleepy but I am going to attend a Pre Jordan seminar since my card is already expired. Yes, I will be a god mother again this time for a dear friend way back in college really hope the rain will stop soon.

On the other note I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I’ve been shopping for two days in a row for the little tot, nephews and nieces. But I could not complain although it is very tiring for when I saw the glow in their eyes I feel rejuvenated. As for me, I will have my present few weeks from now. It’s a Nikon camera and a channel perfume that my boyfriend bought in the United States of America. Yay, I should not reveal it here but my excitement could not stop me from sharing it. So while my present is not yet in my hand I shall buy few stuff for myself as a gift from the boyfriend, also. Am I a pampered girlfriend or not? You’ll be the judge..hehehehe..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ample Of Topics In One Site

I admit I am online most of the time. It’s either I am talking to the boyfriend or I am just surfing randomly. There is no doubt that in these present time most of us are using internet. Other may use internet to communicate to their loved ones who are working in a faraway place. Others just use it for fun while staying at home.

Anyways, if you love to read about different topics such as business, internet, technology, news of the wired and etc, then I urge you to check out By visiting the website you can find and read a lot of topics of your interest.

Early To Bed

I was about to dose off when I decided to check if I have available tasks available in my dashboard and luckily I got few tasks to grab.

Anyways, tomorrow is the start of the nine morning masses. I need to wake up before three o’clock in the morning to prepare in going to the church. I only hope the weather will be good tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanks To Internet Technology

Internet technology has been part of my life for few years now, yet there are times that I am astonished of the new stuff that I discover. Just like now, I happen to came across this website that tackles about collision estimating. Gracious, I really don’t have an idea what it is. I am clueless that I need to research about it and still I couldn’t fully understand about it. So I still need to read more about collision estimating. I hope one day, I will be confident enough to talk about it and share to my reader what it is.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Mall Experienced Of My Cousin

Okay, I know I’ve mentioned how proud I am to the little tot. He is thoughtful and understanding in so many ways. Just like when my cousin who is few months older told him that she haven’t tried going to the mall and that she haven’t see a real escalator and more so haven’t tried eating in Jollibee. Our family is not from a well off family so it was not a surprised when the little tot told me about what my cousin told him. I thought the little one forget about what my cousin shared but I was wrong for he remember it one weekend.

Every time I am lazy to clean our yard on weekends I always ask this cousin to do the job and give her ten pesos after. She will then keep it for her snacks coming Monday. However the little tot changed it when he asked me if we can tag along my cousin in going to the mall so she will see a real escalator. So I give in after he agreed to my conditions.

So off we go to the mall with my cousin. The little tot is so excited and happy for his aunt to the point that he keeps on telling to his Aunt not to be afraid and just enjoy the experience for he is there to guide and help her.. Huh, for a six years old to talk like this, I am sure if you’re a mother you will be proud like I am.

The little tot and my cousin enjoying the ride..

Another ride...

Enjoying their lunch...

First stop, I let them ride few rides before we had our lunch at Jolibee. Then we roam around the mall and took some photos of the little tot and my cousin.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Pampared Granny And Mum's Nails...

Geez.. My hands are pretty tired now. The reason- I pampered my Mum’s nails and granny’s nails. Yes, you read it right guys. I don’t considered cosmetology as my hidden talent for I’ve been doing this for my family for quite sometimes now. My aunt doesn’t allow someone to touch her feet and hand except me. She not even allows my cousin to do her manicure and pedicure. Whenever I do her nails I get imported nail polish and other cosmetology stuffs in return.

As for myself I do visit a salon in the mall for my manicure and pedicure because I am not comfortable doing it myself especially my toenails. But if my cousin is here I let him do my nails. I own few imported and local nail polish so why spend some bucks if someone can do it for me.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

FYI, Am Not Good...

Got a call from the boyfriend to let me know that he is on his way to the party he is going to attend. He told me, he will call me for chat if he arrives home early or before 1 am my time (we have 8 hour difference). I should be sleeping now but then I am not sleepy yet and the more that I could not go back to sleep because I am having a cup of coffee as of this typing (silly me). Oh well, I took a nap earlier so guess that is the reason why I am having a hard time going back to sleep.

On the other hand, someone told me that I am good because I don’t nag. I don’t know how I am going to put this into writings. But when I am mad or disappointed I don’t actually talk. Yes, the boyfriend doesn’t like this attitude and I don’t think I can change it. I guess this person simply forgot my attitude. But anyway, it does not matter to me anymore. And I figured am not in any position to nag so why would I nag, lol. One more reason why I don’t nag because I am left without choice..

Jam-Packed Mall

Gracious, I was at the mall earlier today and the mall is jam-packed of shoppers and window shoppers. When we arrived at the mall I saw a long queue at the entrance. I was not surprised since it’s a weekend, a day for families to bond. But mostly I saw some mommies with their children at the children sections trying to find something for their kids. I smiled when I saw those kids’ eyes for they are excited for their new clothes and toys.

As for me, I was also at the toys and children section but not to shop. I am just window shopping so when I have the budget I don’t need to roam around for I already know what to get and where to get it. Since the little one, the nephew and niece was with me I already know what clothes they want. I only need to ask my younger sister to come over to help me with her daughter’s clothes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Parse Error In the Footer...

I have mentioned that I want to go back to blogging seriously, I when I say seriously, I want to be an active blogger like I used to be when I was just starting to blog. I know I have been lazy and procrastinating a lot for the past months or a year perhaps. Yesterday, I want to have a productive day so I opt to start the blog I planned to open few months ago. It’s a self-hosted blog. But because I am certified blogger user I messed up my blog last night. It was okay this morning, so I thought, but when I tried to open a certain post I have this error in my blog footer.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/smomtots/public_html/ on line 1

Wordpress can be daunting and frustrating more so if you can’t follow instructions from online help like me. I do hope I can fix this error in the footer of my blog real soon. However for those who want to be added in this blog, you can still visit and view Pinay Single Mom's Nook.