Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stunning Filipiniana Dress

Yay, the forgetful in me is striking, again. Yesterday I took photos of the finished costume that my cousin and a friend for someone that is a candidate for a beauty pageant. I already uploaded few photos in my cousin’s facebook account but the costume was not yet done when I took the photos. My cousin promised to the mother that he will upload another batch of photos as soon as the gown is done. I am surprised when I saw the filipiniana dress yesterday for I never thought that my friend can make a wonderful costume out of paper. Oh well, I know he has the talent but it’s my first time to see a gown made of paper or should I say covered with paper. I already saw his piece made of corn peel and it was awesome.

I do hope I can upload few photos of the costume soon. I shall ask my friends approval first before uploading it in any of my blog.

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