Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Gifts

For four years now, the little one, my nephew and nieces usually get a gift of their choice from my boyfriend. Few weeks before Christmas I will start asking them what they want for Christmas and after I would check how much it will cost us. It kind of expensive but I know the kids will be happy upon opening their gifts.

Last Christmas, we surprised my nephew and nieces for they thought it was only my son who has a gift from my boyfriend since they don’t see any gift for them beneath our tree. They don’t have any idea that a day before Christmas I and my younger sister buy the gifts they want and hide it our nieghbor’s house. On Christmas day we ask them to pick it up without giving any idea what they are going to pick up and when they go back we saw their smile from ear to ear. It was fulfilling for my boyfriend seeing the kids happy. I also buy present for some kids in our place as my way of thanking for the bountiful blessing I receiving last year. For this year, I do hope I can do it again for I want to Buy cheap RC Cars for the boys and dolls for the girls.

As for my nieces, nephew and son I don’t know yet as to what they want for this coming Christmas I hope they won’t ask another remote controlled toys as my son and nephew already few of it.

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Nova said...

i can hear the church bells ringing..oh i miss spending Christmas in PI way too different from here....