Friday, November 11, 2011

Ate Out With Cousin and Friend

Yesterday I was with my cousin and friend. I withdraw the money that was sent to my cousin in my account. It was almost lunch when we arrive at the bank where I have an account so after withdrawing the money we opt to have our launch before we roaming around the downtown to search for the stuff needed by my cousin and friend to make a gown made of paper.

While we were deciding on where to have our lunch we passed by a sea foods restaurant and we joked that we have our lunch in this restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its expensive sea foods menus. I wonder if I can dine in one of the Seafood Restaurants In Houston one day. If I can I am thinking how much it will cost me. How about you? Have you tried eating in out of the seafood’s restaurant in Houston? If so, how much it cost you?