Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Night Bla

At the age of 32, there are times that I wonder what it would be living in my own with the little one. I am not shy to admit that I have some problems to dwell and most of them are money matters. I often think of running away from those financial difficulties but then I have my son to consider and I am sure the boyfriend won’t be happy if I well. I do have a lot of stuff to complain but I always end up asking myself, do I have the right to complain?

Yes, my life is not perfect; I have a hyper active son from my previous relationship. As I walk the journey of being a single mom I could not stop myself of committing mistakes. My only consolation is I always learn something from those mistakes and yes I am proud to be a mother although there are times that I wish I am not alone on raising my son. In spite of what I am dealing right now, for some reasons I still consider myself lucky compared to others. I have my son, my family (although they are giving me headache sometimes), my boyfriend who is always there to support me, friends. I can not mentioned it all, but you know who you are. My detractors for they are the reasons for me to continue fighting.

Anyways, enough of this drama it’s Tuesday today. A time for Ruby and Orange Tuesday, as a browse through my photo albums I found this photo. For my Orange Tuesday share, it’s the new loot I got for the little one. I bought it three weeks ago at Children’s place. It is quite pricey but the little one is a Ben10 lover and the quality is also good. He was just lucky that time that the Mama in me wants to spoil him. As for the tumbler I buy it because of the quality.

As for my Ruby Tuesday, I took this photo during the Math and Science Month exhibit at my son’s school.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm glad that you take an active interest in what's going on at your son's school!


Don’t let that scarlet go to your head!
Be very glad you haven’t been bled!
Give thanks for the color dear to your heart:
Carmine and cherry and wine— a good start!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red foliage here and here

Nova said...

very much interesting...

J.Rylie.C said...

Lovely rubies!

My Ruby Tuesday, please come and see. Thanks and have a nice day!

Dianne said...

I miss all the school activities now that my son is an adult
I enjoyed them all so much

gratitude is important and keeps us strong
hugs to you

Margaret Almon said...

Learning from our mistakes is an essential part of being human.

KM said...

visiting you from OT. hope you can visit me back at DEB AND DI'S RESTAURANT

thanks, and see you around :)

Marie said...

Visiting from OT.
Karawasan Festival 2011

Rechie said...

Ben10, i've never heard of it before sis..anyway, same here sis..i think everyone has problems. Just be strong for your son sis for you're all he's got.

visiting from OT: my entry

MaiThreeBoyz said...

Aha, my boys would love that Ben 10 tumbler, too!

Yes, no matter how difficult life seems to be, we should always consider ourselves lucky because there are many people who love us. I'm with you there, sis!

teJan said...

oh..i can feel you, feels the same also;) thanks for visiting mt OT...visiting bAck..till next time;)

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Sometimes, ranting or writing out is good for the soul..

Katya kate said...

I always have high respect for single mothers. I salute you. Yes, life is always imperfect, what matters most is our determination to keep on walking amidst the imperfection. Have a great day!

Shengkay said...

I am also a single mom..and i am proud of it..especially i am raising my baby in no support or whatsoever from the father..I just actually call him sperm donor..hahaha..not the fahter. He never acknowledge my baby..and i dont care! hindi ko yun kawalan..hindi rin masama ang loob ko sa sperm donor is a matter of choice..and i choose not to feel anger and all. Hindi rin ako mayaman pero kuntento at nakakain naman kami ng anak ko with my little sister with me..sometimes my hardship din sa pera..pero oks lang yun..thats life ika nga..
cheers mommy!

carol l mckenna said...

Great photos for RT ~ Love the colors ~ I was a single parent for 6 years and going to college ~ it is not easy ~ Bravo to you ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Lainy said...

We all go through difficult times, Sis. I know you'll get through it.

Thanks for the visit at

See yah!