Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Retail System

It is time again of the year where everybody is making their own shopping list. Are you ready to start shopping? Well, I am not ready yet although I already started to check the prices of the things that I am going to buy for the holiday season. I often wonder how it is to shop during holiday season if Retail System were not invented. I am sure I will start buying present few months before the month of December to avoid the hassle.

Blogging, Facebooking and Farmville...

..taught me how to be good in multi-tasking...

Anyways, I am glad that I am free today. I have some online tasks that were idle in my dashboard for few days, already. I could only hope words keep on coming so I can finish it today.

On the other hand, although I have some tasks waiting for my attention I could not stop myself from facebooking and playing Farmville. I am also visiting some blogs from Pink Fridays. I missed it last week so I would not let this day pass without visiting other blogs who have posted their share for Pink Friday.

Good Deals Of Good Quality Products

When shopping, I always search and buy items that are good in quality. Let’s admit it; buying cheap products that are stylish and classy yet low in quality is like spending your money for nothing, right guys? Oh well, if you are going to buy low class quality products means you can carry a lot of shopping bags while if you buy for good quality products most likely you will spend more buy less. However if you have the patience to roam around from one store to another you can certainly find good deal products without risking the quality. Just like yesterday I found a great deal of leather sandal for the little one, if I am not in a tight budget I will surely get another pair for my nephew.

Another good approach if you want to save in your shopping budget is online shopping. Just like if you are searching for leather briefcase I would advise you to visit You will be amaze how much you can save when you shop in this online store. While browsing the site I remember a friend who is searching of laptop briefcase. I will surely share the link to her next time we meet.

A Day Full Of Fun..

Last week I failed to join the fun in the weekly meme's the I recently joined, a lot of mother things have kept me preoccupied. Although I always check my blogs I haven’t had the time or the energy to update all my site as much as wish to do it every day. I just have other more important stuff to deal with such as attending the needs of the little one. Truly being a mother is not a stress-free job but like I said in my other blog it’s one of the high paying and the most rewarding job that anyone can have.

For two days I’ve been a accompanying the little one as their school turns eight years old. It may be a tiring two days for the pupils and the parents but I am pretty sure we all had fun. And last night, the pupils, faculty and staff have finally presented their pieces. I myself witnessed how they kids enjoyed and having fun while dancing on the stage. Our kids may not perform perfectly on stage but we are still happy and proud of our kids, parents eh.

As proof that we had fun for two days I am sharing some photos. You can judge it yourself if the kids and parents did really had fun.

The parents and teachers cheering to thier team representative, 'twas the Jade Team won the game...

The parents having fun, the Jade Team also won this game...our team hehehe...

Yours truly and the little one in mother and child eating apple contest..gladly I skip my breakfast so we won...hahahaha..Another win for the Jade Team

Us again, before the program begin...

The above photos are taken on the second day, I will make another post for the first day. My sare for:

Custom Tee...

I was in the downtown area with the little one yesterday afternoon. As I’ve mentioned in my other blog I need to buy something for the little one. I am glad that I still have ample of time to do it before I run out of time. After buying the stuff I needed for the little one we headed to the mall as requested of course by no other than, the little one. When we arrived at the mall there was an on-going audition for a reality show, while watching a girl grasps my attention, well it is not actually the girl but the custom tee she was wearing. I figured, giving custom t-shirts to our love ones this coming holiday season is a good idea, right guys?

As we all know everything can be found online. However, searching for a good and reliable online store, companies and etc is a daunting task. You should be careful and read a lot before deciding. As for custom tee such as funny t-shirt, offensive t-shirt rude shirt is the right place to head on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silent Please...

Yay, what's with the post title? Nothing, I just could not think of a good title for this post.

Anyways, nothing much to say in here.. I just want to let you know guys that I am here busy being a mother. I am also dealing some personal issues that I am not sure where it will bring me.

I do hope I will have time to update my blogs soon…

Sunday, October 23, 2011

For Physician's Use Only

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Joining the Doximity is not easy as you have to go through three steps of credential check before you finish signing in. With this thorough registration no wonder that physicians like Philip Koerper MD decided to joined for he can exchange ideas and information’s to fellow physicians, reconnect to old friends and mentors privately.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leyte Gulf Landing

Does the phrase “I SHALL RETURN” ring a bell? Oh well, today is the day when General General Douglas MacArthur and his men landed at Red Beach to fulfilled his popular promised and uttered “I HAVE RETURN”.

As of this typing I heard a helicopters coming back and forth that is when I remember today is the 67th Anniversary of Leyte Landing. Leyte Landing is an annual celebration in Leyte to honor the men and women who laid down their lives to end enemy occupation of our country. Only if I have nothing much to do today it will be an honor witnessing this memorable event of our country.

The President of the Philippine Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" Aquino is only one of the well known visitors to grace the event.

More Info: taken from en.wikipedia.orgPhoto not mine

The Leyte Landing Memorial is a memorial to the landing of General Douglas MacArthur and his men at Red Beach. It is located in Candahug, a barangay of the municipality of Palo in the province of Leyte, part of the Visayas. Also known as the MacArthur Landing Memorial Park, the memorial consists of larger-than-life bronze statues of the general with other men, including then Philippine president Sergio OsmeƱa, Jr., standing in a manmade pool.

The memorial was erected in tribute to MacArthur’s fulfillment of his promise to return to the Philippines after it was occupied by the Japanese during World War II in the Philippines. The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines ended soon after MacArthur landed at Red Beach on October 20, 1944 with 225,000 troops and 600 ships. The anniversary of this event is commemorated annually at the park with a reenactment of the famous landing, attended by local and foreign dignitaries.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Night Bla

At the age of 32, there are times that I wonder what it would be living in my own with the little one. I am not shy to admit that I have some problems to dwell and most of them are money matters. I often think of running away from those financial difficulties but then I have my son to consider and I am sure the boyfriend won’t be happy if I well. I do have a lot of stuff to complain but I always end up asking myself, do I have the right to complain?

Yes, my life is not perfect; I have a hyper active son from my previous relationship. As I walk the journey of being a single mom I could not stop myself of committing mistakes. My only consolation is I always learn something from those mistakes and yes I am proud to be a mother although there are times that I wish I am not alone on raising my son. In spite of what I am dealing right now, for some reasons I still consider myself lucky compared to others. I have my son, my family (although they are giving me headache sometimes), my boyfriend who is always there to support me, friends. I can not mentioned it all, but you know who you are. My detractors for they are the reasons for me to continue fighting.

Anyways, enough of this drama it’s Tuesday today. A time for Ruby and Orange Tuesday, as a browse through my photo albums I found this photo. For my Orange Tuesday share, it’s the new loot I got for the little one. I bought it three weeks ago at Children’s place. It is quite pricey but the little one is a Ben10 lover and the quality is also good. He was just lucky that time that the Mama in me wants to spoil him. As for the tumbler I buy it because of the quality.

As for my Ruby Tuesday, I took this photo during the Math and Science Month exhibit at my son’s school.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

On Tubs...

If there is one thing that I’d love to do as I am typing this post is to take a bubble bath in a tub. But since we don’t own a bath tub at home I shall settle on dreaming how it would be soaking in the tub.

Anyway, if one day I have money to spend for a clawfoot tub I will surely have it install in my future house. I already have an idea where to find wide selection of tubs that fits my needs and budget.

Lovely Pink Cake Of Lola

I was personally invited by Mommy Rubz the host of the Friday Pink Fridays but because of being forgetful I always failed to join the weekly meme. I know I am late on posting my share for this week but I could not let this week passed without joining the meme. Good thing I found a nice photo to share for this weekly photo meme while I was browsing my personal facebook account.

The photo was taken during my grandmother’s (mother side) 80th birthday last April 15. We decided to give her a birthday bash as a thanks giving for reaching this far. Each of her children (family) brings their own foods to share.

The birthday celebrant in yellow dress with Mommy Opyang, her 84 years old older sister

The three pink layered cake was courtesy of yours truly and the boyfriend. The cake was a bit pricey but it taste good and considering how big our family is the cake was just enough for us, lol. The celebrant has two cakes in fact. The other one was personally made by her niece (daughter of her older sister) who happened to manage (before) a bakery own by granny’s older sister.

Yours truly, the little one and my Aunt in yellow

I could not let that day passed without having a pose of granny's tasty and beautiful cake

Yellow has become the color of the day when we noticed that most of us were wearing yellow I just notice it while browsing the photo album. So the photos I am sharing for my first ever Pink Friday meme is also appropriate share for the Mellow Yellow Monday meme. What do you think guys?

Personalized Gifts

As I mentioned in my other blog I was at the nearest mall the other day. Right after I am done running the errand that I need to do at the mall I immediately check the baby and kids apparel. The month of October is halfway finish and it only means holiday season is fast approaching. I’ve seen few nice dresses for my nieces and godchildren and I am super excited to buy those cute little stuff. Oh well I am not actually decided yet whether to buy those clothes I saw at the mall for my godchild or buy personalized onesies that I found online.

Just recently I came across this website that offer wide selection of baby and kids apparels. Honestly I could not stop myself from watching those cute apparels. Truly, the website is a must to visit site if you’re searching for a perfect presents for any occasions.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Munching The Fried Chicken

Woot!! This is my first time to join the Ruby Tuesday weekly meme. I have been thinking on joining weekly memes that I found in my friends blogs and in fact I also received few invites before but because I am sometimes lazy I opt not to join any meme. Now that I have a more time I decided to give it a try hopefully I will not miss joining the meme’s every week.

As for my first entry it’s a photo of the little one. This was taken during the Educational Tour few weeks ago as part of the Math and Science month celebration. The little one seems to enjoy every bite of the fried chicken when his teacher took this photo. And yes, I am also posting this as my first entry for Orange Tuesday. As you can notice the wall is color orange. What a perfect photo for this two Tuesday meme :D.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Monte Carlo..

I and my friend Iris were planning to watch Monte Carlo at the nearest mall in my place but for some reasons we failed to watch it. I was a bit disappointed for I know the movie is nice based on the trailer. The wonder of internet technology made it possible for me to watch it. Just this week I’ve been downloading few movies online and Monte Carlo was the first movie I downloaded.

Photo not mine

Story Plot:

A young woman, her uptight step sister and her best friend use their savings for a long anticipated dream trip to Paris, which turns out to be a big disappointment. When they decide to take a break from their lousy tour and duck into the lobby of a luxury hotel, one of them is mistaken for a spoiled British heiress. Before they get the chance to reveal their true identities they are wrapped up in misadventures during a vacation to Monte Carlo instead.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

On Online Shopping

Of course when shopping we always want to buy the item that will last longer. It may be pricey but I am sure it is worth it. I don’t usually shop every day or weekly so I don’t brag it in any of my blogs. But one thing is for sure when I shop I go for branded stuff and good quality stuff that will last long. Just recently I bought new loot for the little one and my nephew. I took photos of it as I want to start weekly meme next week.

Go back to shopping, like I mentioned earlier I want to buy good quality products. I often wish there are some online store in the country so that I can find good quality products in a reasonable price. The good thing about shopping online is that you can compare prices from one site to another. Anyway for those who are searching for Spy Sunglasses online I happen to found this site called They offer wide selection of sunglasses in very reasonable price.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Busy Day

I was about to post some photos in my other blog from last week events that kept the little one busy but unfortunately I could not successfully upload the photos. I will try it again later..

But anyway, I am sorry guys if I am not visible in the blogosphere for few days as I have been busy lately. Hopefully laziness will not hit me today as I plan to finish all my back logs today and that includes moderating comments in my self hosted blog. I also need to delete some links in my blogroll as I noticed that there are some blogs that are inactive and expired. Been thinking of cleaning my link list for quite sometimes now but for some reasons I always end up postponing it. I really hope to do it this time.

Indeed I have a lot of stuff to do today, online and offline..

Saturday, October 1, 2011

On Loans..

Paying extra expenses is inevitable sometimes. It is this time when I often run out of cash and I just lucky to have a boyfriend who support me all the way. However there are times that I really need to borrow from my friends. Good thing I have friends whom I can run in to whenever financial difficulties hit me. I haven’t tried applying for loans online but if ever I knew a place where I can apply for a loan online.

If ever I will apply for a loan online my application will surely be approve since I don’t have unpaid debts.

Online Jobs

There is no doubt that applying for a job these days is not easy for there are lots of companies that are in a cost cutting stage because of economic situation. Good thing internet technology has invented as you can try your luck in searching for your dream job online. Dental Assistant Jobs is only one of the hundred jobs available online.

So if you’ve been searching for a job yet you haven’t accepted then I guess it’s high time you try your luck online.