Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Dreaming Of Asia Tours

It is not a secret that I am a single mum and the breadwinner of the family. I don't have a regular work or a regular income. Managing my finances is not really easy, there are a lots of things that I should take into consideration before I spend my money. I often run out of money, I am not ashamed for it but I always spend it wisely. I often wish of getting something for myself but I could not simply have it because I have other stuffs that need to prioritize such as bills, foods and tuition of the little one. I don't want to stay in the dark because our electric connection was cut because of unpaid bills or we need to skip meals because we don't have foods. These are the only few stuffs that are on top of my priority list. I could say that shopping for me is in bottom of my list. Oh well, I am still lucky because I can still buy the stuff I want although it may take sometimes before I have it and I tell you guys the feeling is so fulfilling.

If shopping for me is in the bottom, traveling or a luxury vacation is not on my list. Of course I wish to travel with my family in the future. We all wished for that, right? But because of financial difficulties I am compel to set-aside this dream and concentrate to other more important things. However if money is not a question an asia tours will be on top of my list. I know there are lots of things to do and to see in Asia. I also read somewhere that national parks tours is also worth choosing when planning a vacation. Yay, if only I have money to spend.

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