Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not In The Mood To Blog

Oh boy! Am slacking again. I have few undone tasks to finish that are due tomorrow but I am not in the mood to blog, right now. As you’ve noticed I haven’t updating my blogs for few days. You will actually see me online in facebook or watching Korean shows online instead of blogging. Yay, I should not neglect my online tasks as I am paid for it. Nonetheless, I am still trying my best to finish every task I have thought I still lose some tasks from time to time. It’s not easy for me to blog and thinks of a good review or post while I’ve load of bad thoughts in mind. Dealing personal issues has never been easy for me. I am just lucky that I surpassed most of it but unfortunately there are times that I choice to leave it unsolved and forget it.

On the lighter side of things, I am glad that I finally have my eyeglasses. Thanks to the boyfriend for providing all my needs. I know I have been a bratty girlfriend for the past few weeks but you know all will turn well in time and you know I love you.

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