Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Pregnancy Information

Yay, I don't know how to start with this post. I have lots of ideas in mind right now but I don't know how and where to start.

But anyway, I am currently thinking if I have been a good mother to the little one. It is not a secret in the blogosphere that I am single mother. Being a mother and a father figure at the same time is not easy. My son is growing fast, often times he has some questions that I could not answer. Time flies, really, it seems that it was only yesterday when I found out that I was pregnant and eager to read pregnancy information in the magazine and books that a friend gave me. I also seek pregnancy advice from my Aunts and friends what should I do to take care of the baby inside my tummy. Being a first time Mom is not easy we should not overlooked our health.

Nowadays first time Moms are lucky because there are lots of information about pregnancy and other womens health topics that would help you while you are pregnant and after giving birth. One good place to visit is I browsed the website a while ago I find this site very helpful. I haven't visited all the pages of the site yet so I am going to visit this website again next time.

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Ayielle said...

that is so right, women nowadays are very lucky that lots of experienced woman who are single mom can share their experiences in bringing up a child on their own, and about how to take pregnancy seriously.... good luck on teaching your kid, you can just tell him simple terms and that one day he'll get to know more about it when it's time. :)