Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Greatest Success!!

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway Week 7. This week’s prize is one year free blog hosting from Ma Belle of Success Box.

Honestly I am not fun of joining contests. My reason- I am not lucky but I could not let Techie She's Weekly Giveaways passed without trying my luck. Anyways’ the contest has been running for 7 weeks now and my first time to join. The word for this week is success.

Yay, there are lots of ideas pops in my mind when I read the word SUCCESS..

For the record, I am single mother of six years old boy. I felt ecstatic when I found out that an offspring is starting to grow inside my tummy. I could not explain my feeling, really, that is why worries has no room in my heart then until the very day that I was about to give birth. That was the time when the boyfriend (then) turned his back to us. He was nowhere to be found, I called many times and sent sms but to no avail. I felt like the whole world was on my shoulder and I felt alone that time. But in spite of everything I manage to give birth to a healthy baby boy after 2 days of labor via induce procedure and of course prayers. After seeing the little creature on top of my tummy it was that time when I realized what SUCCESS is.

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Kenny Brown said...


i noticed you have a lot of links in your blogroll..

can you please tell me how i can buy a couple of links from your blogroll?


ps. you can contact me at smallercheese [at]

Techie She said...

hi rosemarie. thanks for joining in the weekly giveaways (week 7 edition). i appreciate the fact that you joined this week despite not being fond of entering online contests and giveaways.

anyway, i'm glad that your baby's healthy despite some difficulties during labor. i had my little princess via CS because her umbilical cord went around her neck.

whatever happened to your son's father, just look at it as a blessing in disguise because now you have a wonderful son.

regards and good luck to the giveaways.