Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great Place For Art Lover

With our any doubt each one of us dreams of traveling outside the country or to any part of the country. As for me traveling with my family to any part of the Philippine is definitely a dream come true. I also dream of traveling outside my country but because of financial difficulty I don't know if will have a chance to travel outside the Philippine. But one this is for sure, I won't stop dreaming. You're fortunate if you can afford to travel to any part of the world for you have a lot of stories to share to your kids or even grandkids in the future.

Speaking about traveling, few weeks ago I stumbled upon this website called The site talked about the five famous capitals in Europe i.e. Antwerp, Amsterdam, Valencia, Vienna and Zurich. The above mentioned places are known for arts, foods, fashion and of course they are also known for old infrastructures. For art lover who wants to personally glimpse the famous Zurich design and Valencia Art I would suggest you to visit this site I am talking about. You can surely find tips and information on where to go and what to do besides having a glimpse of those paintings painted by the famous painters in the world.

A side trip to Vienna is a must if you also want to have a glimpse of the Vienna Design.

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