Friday, July 22, 2011

Food Allergies Cause Arthritis

Being a single parent is not easy, a lot of single mother and father can attest to this. I become aware of it few days after giving birth. I am just lucky because my younger sister was always there to guide me all the time. It was that time when I started to be conscious of my health because I wanted to be perfectly healthy not for myself but to the little one who needs my attention and care. I want to be able to give him everything he needs without asking my sister to do it for me and I could not do it if I am ill.

Both my father and mother is from a family that are suffering from arthritis so mostly like I will also get this illness if I will not avoid eating foods that cause arthritis. It has been said that food allergies is one of the causes of arthritis. So I tried to ask my Uncles and cousin what kind of food trigger arthritis attack. As we all know avoiding is the effective measures to avoid any kinds of illness and likewise to avoid taking arthritis pain relief and join pain in the future I urge you to watch what kind of foods you are eating.

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