Friday, July 15, 2011

Drooling Over Versace sunglasses...

I was at the city yesterday to run few errands that my Uncle's asked me to do in behalf of my Aunt who is in London right now. After I am done with the things that I need to do for my Aunt I immediately went to the mall, not to shop but to window shop lol. I dropped by in one of the optical store in the mall to check frames for eyeglasses because I need a new prescription eyeglass in exchange of the eyeglass that the little one broke almost a year ago.

In the shop were varieties of imported and branded eyeglasses and sunglasses. I don't have any plan of buying another sunglass but after I saw the wide selection of branded sunglasses in the shop I am drooling to have another sunglass particularly the Versace sunglasses and Armani Sunglasses. Yay, I will just drool over those expensive sunglasses because in reality I could not afford to buy them as there are other important things to prioritize. But perhaps, one day, I can ask the boyfriend to buy one of those nice glasses.

Aside from eyeglasses and cool sunglasses the shop also offers Prescription sunglasses that I find really cool and hip. But anyway, one lesson learned, avoid window shopping because you will just end up disappointed when you see something you want and yet you cannot afford to buy it, right?

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