Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Continue To Blog....

God is really good. Few days ago an advertiser contacted me directly. Yesterday, I was surprised when I checked my inbox because I was already paid by the advertiser and the amount is almost a hundred. Wow, isn’t it great?

Earning online is easy if you know the basic technique. I remember when I was just starting I keep on asking my blogger friends and researching on the net on how can I start earning online. Luckily, after three months I figured out how I can start earning online when I came across this website that has a list of paying site that pays blogger to blog. Since then, I never stop blogging although there are times that I could not think of a good topic to post. But the thought of buying the stuff I wanted to buy motivate me for blogging continuously.


Eds said...

Buti kapa sis..sana ako din kontakin ng advertiser na yan so that I can experience blogging a post worth $100..

Dropping by lang sis.. :)

Karen Chayne said...

wow ang galing mo naman sis! congrats! pwede pa share ng DA mo dyan? hehehe :)