Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I could still imagine how life was 20 years ago, when the only means of communication were telephone and snail mail. Long distance was the fastest way to communication back then. Since this means of communication cost a lot telegram was mostly used whenever when emergency situation take place.

We are lucky these days for there are lots of ways to communicate to our love ones who are living in another place. We can even take advantage of free online services which allow user to use Audio conference and etc. As for me, I and my boyfriend are using video call every day. With this technology innovation I feel like we are just talking face to face as I could see him while talking. I remember how fun it was when I and my friends tried using free Video conference online. So imagine how it would be without this technology?

For business purposes Video conference is mainly use especially if the person in charge in decision making is not present when a problem occur or when a having a conference. Indeed the modern technology is not only use by ordinary people but it mostly use in running and operating a business. So if you a kind of person who traveled a lot because of work and you are getting tired traveling from one place to another then I urge you to check Conference Group Company.

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