Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Art Of Multitasking

I started blogging year 2007, since then I already mastered my skill in multitasking lol. I started learning multitasking when I was very active in PPP. I know most blogger knows about triple P, one should refresh the tasks available for possible tasks that are up for grabbing.

But that was before because I am now using my skill in multitasking playing Cityville or Farmville while blogging. Playing the above mentioned name has become my favorite pastime when I am tired of blogging and when I run out of words to write, its kinda refresher. I often wonder if there are blogger out there who are facebooking while doing their link assignments.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Order Checks Online

Often time I am astonished when I found something that is new to me. I know with the help of internet technology we can do almost everything we want from the tip of our fingers and from the comfort of our home. We can also purchase personalized stuff online but I never thought that check can also be personalized. Surprised? How can you personalize a check when you can only purchase it in the bank where you have your checking account.

Oh well, that was before because ordering checks online can be done by just going and visiting or calling them over the phone. They have wide variety of themes that you can choice from for your personal checks. So if you have checking account and you wants to have another check booklet aside from the check booklet that your bank issued to you, perhaps you want to buy checks online. By doing so you can find huge selection of cheap personal checks that would reflect your personality without sacrificing the product quality. Whether it's for personal use or business use I am sure you can find what you're looking at Extra Value Checks.

Should you wish to know more information on how to order personalized check online? Visit anytime you want.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Funny Tee

For some reason I am feeling blue these past few days. I wanted to give myself a break so the other day after running offline errands I decided to roam around the mall. While checking some interesting dresses I came across this stall that offer funny t shirts. I really want to buy one for myself but I there is no available size that fits me. Well, no size for me for the tee that I like most, too bad!

Stressful Days

Stress-that is, I have been stress for the past couple of days dealing some personal issues. I often wish my heart is made of steel so I won’t be affected of any problem that comes my way. I know problems come and go. It is up to us how we handle and how we solve it. I’ve been in different kind of problem yet there are times that I don’t know how to handle them. I know sleeping with it is not good but that is how I deal with it comes to heart problem (relationship problem) especially if it’s too personal that I don’t want to share it to anyone.

On the lighter note, I am glad that I still have few tasks to do. I am a bit disappointed when I found out I lose 6 of the undone tasks I left the other day. As much as want them done I simply couldn’t do it always most especially if I am not in the mood to do anything.

Lighting Fixtures For Your Dream House

Having and owning a home is everyone's ultimate dream. Just imagine what it would be if you have a place you can call your own. It will be satisfying I'm sure.

However, owning a home these days is not simple considering the high cost of materials you need in building your dream house can be stressful in terms of financial aspect. If you are thinking of building your dream house soon you should be financially prepare to avoid delays in building the house. Oh well, in spite of the stress that one has to undergo when building a house there is also an exciting part of it. You can enjoy shopping for kitchen pendant lighting for your kitchen. I haven't tried buying lighting fixture before but while I am browsing for lighting design idea for our kitchen improvement I enjoyed looking many different designs I saw at Echo Lighting Design online store. I find their products magnificent and that makes me want to change our current lighting fixture.

I also love their exterior light fixtures; it will be wonderful for the porch I am planning to build in the future. So if you are looking for good quality home lighting and led lighting fixtures whether it's for interior and exterior purposes is the right place to head on.

Monday, June 20, 2011

On Flooring Tools

Are you running a business that deals with building construction and renovation? Or are you planning to put up your own construction business? As we all know a good reputation is really important when you are in this kind of business for it will make your business more competitive compared to other construction firm.

Few days ago I stumbled upon this website that offer flooring machineries such as concrete polisher, tile removal, carpet removal and other important machines that handle the thoroughness of making a splendid flooring or removing old flooring. Being in construction business you should have the right and proper machines to use for it will make you succeed in this kind of business. More often than not possible clients will do their own research before they hire a construction firm to do business with. If in any case you haven't acquired flooring machineries then you should get it from They have been in the business for sometimes now selling top quality flooring equipments.

So if you're planning to renovate your old flooring I would recommend you to hire someone who has concrete floor grinder for it will help the work quicker and with this you can save some bucks.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Let Go Some Tasks

I have been posting about pharmaceutical products in all my blog for more a year now. I also have few posts about gambling. With this I need to reject and let go some of the tasks that required a blog without gambling and pharmaceutical posts. Oh well, I surely have more offer in the future so I shall not regret over those tasks. Anyways, I’ve been blessed with so many tasks these past few days.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Zurich Art Museum And Vienna Restaurant

Of course we all want to travel and take a break from our daily errands once in a while. There are tons of beautiful places that are worth visiting. Preparing for a perfect vacation can be overwhelming especially if you don't know yet what place you're intended to visit. However, if you will plan ahead of time and do a little research of the places you wanted to visit then you will have a memorable and wonderful vacation. As for me, I would like to visit Europe if given a chance to travel outside my country.

So if you are planning to take a vacation whether with your friends or family why not choice visiting Europe. There are lots of reason why visit Europe in your next vacation.Europe is one of the few countries that are not only rich in historical stories but also well-off in old buildings and structural design. If you are a food lover then you should not miss trying vienna restaurants for they offer lots of mouth watering foods that is worth trying. As for art lover you should check out the large collection of art zurich at the Zurich Art museum.

Should you wish to know more information on what to do and where to go in your next vacation, do check out Cool Capitals.

CPA Examination

There is no doubt taking board exam is not easy as what other people think. I may not experience taking this kind of examination but I was once a student. As a student I need to study and review my lessons during examination to be able to pass my subjects.

Just like when you are dreaming to become a successful CPA. Passing CPA examination has never been easy that is why if you’re planning to become a professional CPA in the near future you should make use all the resources possible for it will help you pass the exam. Internet technology could help you find cpa exam requirements that will certainly help you pass the examination.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

I Need To Re-charge

I really want to stay longer but my eyes are getting heavy. I would like to finish the uncompleted tasks I have before I slip it off again just what happened last week when I lost four of the tasks assigned to me. I can’t afford to lose some molah because of procrastinating and being lazy (again). I should be thankful that I am blessed while others are keep on looking and waiting for theirs to come, so I don’t have any reason why I should let them go.

On Constructing A Building

When constructing a house or any building the durability and strength should not be neglected to avoid having problem in the future. Using poor quality materials may cause damage to the building in a short span of time. Good thing there are contractors who uses metal buildings accessories to make the building strong and equipped for natural disaster.

Should you wish to know more about metal building? Visit now!

Buy It Online

One great reason to shop online is that you can find anything you want from the tip of your fingers. Another reason is that you will have greater chances of finding discounted products for there are online store that offer the same products yet different prices, with this you could choice and buy the product that is cheaper.
Just in case you're searching on where to find ps3 hdmi cables, I urge you to visit The Source. They have wide selection of cables so I am pretty sure you will find what you’re looking for.


Wow, thanks God it’s Friday, I don’t need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare for my son’s breakfast. How time flies, its mid June already and before we know we will be starting the month of July. Yay, holiday season is fast approaching lol. Sorry guys, holiday season is my favorite time of the year. I just love the ambiance, the songs that are played on the radio and on the malls. Most of all I am allowed to shop until I dropped..hahaha..

But anyway, I slept early last night so I woke up very early today. I counted how many hours I’ve been sleeping and could you believe I slept for 8 hours? Yay, that seldom happened and I will be getting more sleep on the next following days because the boyfriend is on vacation.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Labor Lawyer

Earning money is the reason why we want to work hard. But what would you feel if you are working to death yet you are not properly compensated or if you are abuse by your employer. Normally, our first reaction is to be mad, other may consider on taking legal action which for me is the right thing to do especially if you know you are not doing anything wrong.

As we all know there are companies out there who are not following the labor code. Often times the employee is not filing any charges because they afraid to lose their job. But that was before, when finding legal advice about labor issues are not east to find. We should be thankful to whoever invented the internet technology for we can find fort lauderdale employment attorney and Miami employment attorney from the tips of your fingers.

At, they have experience and knowledgeable lawyers that will help you legally on any labor and employment problem you’ve encounter. With their attorneys you can be sure that you will get what is legally yours. if you are living around Broward and you believe that your rights as a worker has been violated then you can hire the help of broward employment attorney.

I Continue To Blog....

God is really good. Few days ago an advertiser contacted me directly. Yesterday, I was surprised when I checked my inbox because I was already paid by the advertiser and the amount is almost a hundred. Wow, isn’t it great?

Earning online is easy if you know the basic technique. I remember when I was just starting I keep on asking my blogger friends and researching on the net on how can I start earning online. Luckily, after three months I figured out how I can start earning online when I came across this website that has a list of paying site that pays blogger to blog. Since then, I never stop blogging although there are times that I could not think of a good topic to post. But the thought of buying the stuff I wanted to buy motivate me for blogging continuously.

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Taking Medicine

Pregnant women should take extra careful when taking medicine during pregnancy. If possible avoid taking medicine except for the prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor to keep away from giving having baby with birth defect.
Just recently I have been reading about the bad effect that Prozac a medicine used to treat major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and other related illness and also a good medicine cataplexy, obesity, and alcohol dependence can cause birth defect when taken during pregnancy.

If you think you have been a victim by this medicine then you can consider filing a Prozac lawsuit to the physician who prescribed Prosac to you while you are pregnant.

Morning Headache

Yay, I kinda worry I might lost few of the online tasks that was assigned to me last week because I am starting to feel something in my head. I hope it is not migraine for it’s been my constant visitor for the past few weeks. I guess I really need to use prescription eye glasses again. I have been sitting in front of my notebook most of the time because I need to finish some online stuff. I know I should not be neglecting my eye problem, so should visit an ophthalmologist the soonest possible time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Online Printing Services

I can still remember when I was in elementary and high school how tired I am when I need to write for few hours for my project. It is this time when I wished we have our own type writer since computer that time were very expensive and only few can afford to buy it. Students these days are very lucky because technology made printing more easy to use and easily reached for everyone. So, you will not be surprise if in case you find online printing service while you are browsing the net.

As for business owner, printing service is also important to the business, especially when promoting your business or if you're presenting a business proposal to possible clients. The needs of Presentation Folders during business meeting are there, but, if you are attending a business meeting because you need to catch the attention of your possible clients then I would advise you to use high quality presentation folders.

So if you're a business owner you should visit, it's a one stop shop for your printing needs. Oh well, these days finding the Printing Service online is easy as you can find a lot of website that offer printing service but then not all of them are good like So next time you need Vinyl Banners for your business or for personal reason, you know where to go.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wrong Keywords

Last night I was trying to submit a task but I could not submit it successfully because of the keyword I used is not correct. I thought I copied the wrong code but I was wrong because the same error occur when I tried to submit the link of my post after changing the code in my post. After few times of trying I decided to sleep although I kinda worried I might lose the tasks for it will expire early in the morning. Good thing I still have half an hour to finish the pending tasks when I woke up this morning but then I continue to receive the same error, what a bummer. Out of frustration I log out and let the tasks end.

After few hours, I log in to my dashboard to reject the expired tasks. Gladly when I reject the tasks I manage to reserved few tasks again, not bad after all.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

She Is A Pro

I had my manicure and pedicure in my favorite salon today. It’s been a while since the last I pampered my nails so no wonder they are getting unattractive to my eyes. The girl that was assigned to me is the same girl who was assigned to me in my previous visits so we are already familiar with each other. As soon as she started cleaning my finger nails she started to talk and in return I asked her how long she has been working in the salon because her work is perfect.

I was surprised when she told me she just started in the salon recently. I almost ask her if she studied cosmetology because her knowledge can be compared to a pro. I am sure she can still improve her knowledge especially if she is going to attend cosmetology class at Fayetteville beauty school. This beauty school is known for giving high quality cosmetology education in the United States.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 4107 Steele Boulevard, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Annoying Allergy

Oh allergy, leave me alone as I have lots of stuff to run today online and offline. I am not fully recovered yet from the cough I got last time I had allergy attack. Now I am starting to sneeze which I hope it will stop soon. I could not afford to get sick this time. So please, run away.. not now, not tomorrow and not on the following day because I want you out in my system.

Good Night!

It’s passed one o’clock in the morning yet I am wide awake. Oh well, I am getting sleepy so I will be signing off right after I am done posting this. I will be uber busy over the weekend so I will be staying in front of my notebook most of the time.

For those how have plan for the weekend have a great and safe weekend.

Friday, June 10, 2011

File A Topamax Lawsuit

If you’re pregnant it is a must that you take extra cautions when taking medicines for there are medicines that cause birth defect to the baby inside your womb. One of the medicines that you should avoid taking during pregnancy is Topamax. It has been said that taking Topamax can result cleft lip or cleft palate to the babies when if it taken while you are pregnant.

So if you or any of your love ones has been a victim of the bad side effect of this medicine then you should consider filling a Topamax lawsuit so that you can get what should get and the doctor who prescribed you to take this medicine will pay for his/her negligence. O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 will surely help you all throughout the battle.

Unwanted Pimple

My monthly visitor is fast approaching so no wonder an annoying pimple wants to burst on top of my nose. I sometimes think why they want to stay on top of the nose or anywhere on the nose. However I am still lucky that I am not prone to pimple so I don’t have big reason to complain about it, right?

Meanwhile, I will be super busy over the weekend as I have lots of online works to do. I hope I could return the visit next week as I owe it to my constant visitors. Enjoy the weekend guys!

Tasks Reserve..

I could not help myself but brag about the online blessings that are coming my way. Just this morning I manage to grab three tasks from blogsvertise, before a blogger is only allowed to grab one tasks in grab bag but few months ago this rule has been change to one task per blog. What I love in this website is that they have higher payouts compare to other paying site is that a blogger is given longer time to finish and submit the task compare to other site.

If I am to count how many tasks I need to finish, I have almost 30 tasks and will get the payment for this tasks next month. So, I might be complaining of having headache for the next couple of days but I will surely survive lol. I don’t want to let this blessing slip in my hands.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Alarm

Often times we really thought that we are already safe when we are inside our home. But what will you do if someone tried to break your door one fine night? Isn’t it frightened? I am grateful that I haven’t experience such a traumatic situation in my whole life. However, I have seen a man roaming around our yard few nights ago. I guess the man is a theft and is looking for something he can get. I remember that there are lots of messing rosters in the neighborhood. I suspect the man who was roaming around our yard was the culprit. Good thing that we have dogs who barks whenever there are people coming.

Talking about burglary, nowadays it is really a must that your home is alarm with home security system. With this you are confident that your home is safe although most of the time no one is in your house for each one of you is busy working or schooling. Good thing there is a website that offer wireless security system that will protect your home from theft. One great site to visit when it comes to high-tech alarm system is They have been in business since 1952 and carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. So I am quite sure that you will only get the best product for your home.


Yay, I could not think of a good article to write at this moment, I guess I have compose more than enough post today that my brain is already drain. But hey, I am not complaining for I am lucky enough to have some tasks to do over the weekend. I just hope I will be motivated to finish more task today as I want to finish few more tasks before I dose off to bed. Who said life of a blogger is easy? oh well, when there is not tasks assign to me then life is easy but if I have then it’s another way around.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I could still imagine how life was 20 years ago, when the only means of communication were telephone and snail mail. Long distance was the fastest way to communication back then. Since this means of communication cost a lot telegram was mostly used whenever when emergency situation take place.

We are lucky these days for there are lots of ways to communicate to our love ones who are living in another place. We can even take advantage of free online services which allow user to use Audio conference and etc. As for me, I and my boyfriend are using video call every day. With this technology innovation I feel like we are just talking face to face as I could see him while talking. I remember how fun it was when I and my friends tried using free Video conference online. So imagine how it would be without this technology?

For business purposes Video conference is mainly use especially if the person in charge in decision making is not present when a problem occur or when a having a conference. Indeed the modern technology is not only use by ordinary people but it mostly use in running and operating a business. So if you a kind of person who traveled a lot because of work and you are getting tired traveling from one place to another then I urge you to check Conference Group Company.


Wow, just when I thought online tasks is getting slow for the past few days I got some tasks assigned to me the other day and today. As a blogger I could not ask for more but be thankful for the blessings that I keep on receiving. I know earning online is not always stable, there are times that tasks are pouring and there are times wherein you are already lucky to have one tasks to do per day.

How about you? Did you get some task this week? If not, then don't lose hope maybe this week is not your week. Who knows you will have some tasks to do on the following week. Just keep your fingers cross.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Promotional Products

If you are planning to run your own business then you should know that managing a business is not easy as one two and three. The fact that there are lot of business establishment that offer the same services you should find good technique and approach on how to stand out among other businesses. One great key on having a successful business is advertising. Of course, there are lots of ways on how to promote a business but if I am to choice what kind of promotion to use, without a doubt I would choose giving promotional items to each customers.

When it comes to promotional items is the perfect place to visit for they are the largest promotional items seller online. With this, I am quite sure that one could find what they are looking for from the wide selection of promotional products that this online store offer. T-shirts, logo apparel, customized bags, personalized ballpoint pens, personalized pens and key chains are only few items that you can find in this site. What I like in this site is that they offers lowest possible price that one can find online. Apart from lowest price they are also proud on their on-time shipments, free samples and customer satisfaction is very important to them. Oh well, they are not awarded as Distributor Entrepreneur of the Year (2010) for nothing. While browsing the website I found out that they also have new promotional products in a very low price.

So guys, whether you are searching for promotional products for your business or for any events that you are going to host, soon, you know where to go.

Car Magnets

Whenever I saw an advertisement in the car or in the bus I always wonder if they were painted or magnet. Just like yesterday when we were about to go home from the nearby mall I saw this advertisement in one the car at mall’s parking lot out of curiosity I go and check it. I was amaze when I found out that it is not painted in the car.

I wonder if the car owner bought the car magnets online. Oh well to those who are in need of car magnets whether for your own use of for business promotional use I advise you to visit The website allows users to make their own design online.

No Chat And Blogging

I missed to chat to my boyfriend last night because of power interruption. I’m glad that I am done with adgitizing when the power interruption occurs.

Finally the kids are ready for the opening of classes on Monday. I am done buying their school supplies though I know there other extra requirements that I need to buy in the next following day. I also meet my younger sister at the mall yesterday for my boyfriend sends extra money for my nephew’s school supplies and shoe for Danize. I am really thankful that I’ve a boyfriend who supports me in any way he can.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Bla

Yay, today is Friday but I haven’t enroll my nephew yet. Come Monday is their first day of school so I really need to enroll him today.

On the lighter not I am glad that I finally able to adgitize last night. It’s a decade since the last time I adgitize. I really hope I could continue adgitizing for the next coming months. I am crossing my fingers cross. Now, off to go to school of my nephew.