Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoloft Side Effect

Any kinds of medicines should be taken carefully. To avoid bad side effects you should be careful with the dosage or don’t take any medicines without doctor’s prescription. However there are times that no matter how careful you are there are times that taking prescription medicines could be harmful as well especially if the side effect is not disclosed or the medicines doesn’t have enough test before selling it to the market.

One good example of this is the Zoloft. This medicine is approved by FDA, which can cure illness, stress, mental problems, and many other related problems but it was found out later on that it can cause birth defect; psychological side effects include homicidal or violent behavior, hostility, and suicidal behavior. So if you think you are one of the victim of this medicine then you should consider taking legal actions and file a zoloft lawsuits. can surely help you if in any case you decided to file the manufacturer of this medicine.

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