Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I WantThe Best For My Son

Who would not want to give the best to our children? I am pretty sure as a parent we always want to give the best to our child/children. I remember when the little one was barely few months old and I was just depending on my little earning as an appointed official. My mother also helped me in some way financially in raising up my son. When my mother found out I was pregnant when she had her vacation she didn’t scolded me though she cried a lot. I know in my heart I failed her big time as she has a lot of plan for me. With this I tried to refrain from asking her help financially, I just thought it’s my wrong doing why I get pregnant and that she should not carry the burden of having another mouth to feed and support. So whenever I have money of own I always make sure that I buy everything that the little one would need in the coming weeks or month.

Now that he is in school I want to give him the best education. If money is not an issue sending him to one of the best UK boarding school is a good idea for I know he will learn a lot in institution. But since I can’t afford to send him to boarding school I shall search for a good school near my place.

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