Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bragging Mama

Pardon me folks if I couldn’t stop myself from bragging about the achievement of my little one. I know mother’s out there will surely understand my feeling. The Moving Up and Recognition Rites of my little one’s school were last Saturday. He may not get the outstanding pupil award in his class for he is ranked 3 in his class but he got the award of Best in Speaking English along with four other pupils from pre-elementary and elementary level. I was surprised when I found out for we use our local dialect to talk to him. After this award I am thinking of talking to him in English. Showing off his Best In English Speaking medal

At first he is kinda of frustrated because he only got one medal but after explained to him he stopped complaining. With this I am sure he will strive more to study his lesson next school year. He is also awarded as Most Cooperative in his class.
A pose with some of the teachers

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imelda said...

wow congrats justin and to the proud mother,burger burger burger!