Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I admit I am not a sporty type of person. In fact I don’t have any sports that I play regularly. With this I don’t have any idea how it is to be a in the field playing any sports and most especially I haven’t experience having a sticky shoes. As an athlete you’ve to take extra careful of your stuff to avoid having problem.

Talking about sports, I happen to came across this website that offer sports apparel such as soccer goals, socks, footwear, jewelry and a lot more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I WantThe Best For My Son

Who would not want to give the best to our children? I am pretty sure as a parent we always want to give the best to our child/children. I remember when the little one was barely few months old and I was just depending on my little earning as an appointed official. My mother also helped me in some way financially in raising up my son. When my mother found out I was pregnant when she had her vacation she didn’t scolded me though she cried a lot. I know in my heart I failed her big time as she has a lot of plan for me. With this I tried to refrain from asking her help financially, I just thought it’s my wrong doing why I get pregnant and that she should not carry the burden of having another mouth to feed and support. So whenever I have money of own I always make sure that I buy everything that the little one would need in the coming weeks or month.

Now that he is in school I want to give him the best education. If money is not an issue sending him to one of the best UK boarding school is a good idea for I know he will learn a lot in institution. But since I can’t afford to send him to boarding school I shall search for a good school near my place.

Up Early Today

I started my day early today. I woke up at around 4.40 in the morning for my mother asked me to set my phone alarm early. I tried to sleep back but I could not so I opt to sweep the yard early. The little woke up early as well and he was surprised to see me online and asked if ii didn’t sleep. Oh, what a silly thought. I know I am up most of the time when I should be sleeping but then I don’t think I could stay up the whole night without falling asleep. Lol

Anyways, I have lots of few online tasks to do today so I will be a bit busy today. Aside from doing online tasks I also need to download anti-virus protection as my current anti-virus will expire soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Custom Spa

You would not believe if I tell you that there are times that I awake most of the time. I know three hours sleep is not good to my health. I sometimes wonder where I am getting the extra energy that is pouring especially when I have some important errands to run offline. But then I am just woman and there are times that I feel restless, and it is this time that want to pamper myself like having a massage or going some spa.

Anyway if you have enough money to install your own custom spa I urge you to visit for you can find everything that you want to find wide selection of spa products that suits your reference and budget. If money is not a problem I would like to put a spa in our future house as the boyfriend likes and I know it will be nice spending quality time while relaxing.

Hot Palm Sunday

Yay, I’ve been watching the screen for quite sometimes now but I could not think of a good post to write. It is this time when I envy those bloggers who write good and have a lot of story to tell. Anyway in my previous post I’ve mentioned that I don’t feel the summer heat. This morning when I wake up Mr Sunshine is finally up so I guess it will be a hot Palm Sunday here in my other part of the world.

Happy Palm Sunday everyone..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Without a doubt there are lots of banks and companies were affected by the economic crisis. There are some big company’s choices to declare bankruptcy and there some of them continue to fight. Just recently another bank here in my country declared bankruptcy. I’ve heard lots of complain from the depositors especially those who saved and preparing the money for the college education of their children.

If you or you know someone who is a victim of the current economic situation and you want to help them out then you can help them by sharing the website which I found recently. You can find and hire san diego chapter 13 attorney that will help you or your friends survive from debt and start a new life again. Should you want to know about bankruptcy chapter 13 I urge you to visit You will be surprise to know that there are lots of ways to avoid losing everything because of bankruptcy.

Is Here Again

Yesterday was my grandmother’s 80th birthday; I will not talk about it in this post as I want to make a post about it later. I just mentioned it because my younger sister was here and the little is happy playing with his cousins. But then tomorrow they will be going home so the little one is starting to complain he will be alone again and that he has no one to play with which is not true as I have cousins like his age that he can play with. Oh well, they going back before the end of this month for another occasion.

Home Insurance

There is nothing more rewarding that having our own house to stay after a very tiring day from work. However there is nothing more painful and frustrating seeing your precious house burned in your very eyes. Good thing we can insured our home these days so we don’t really need to worry if in case we lost our house because of unexpected incident like fire for we are secured that we can stand again with the help of home insurance. These days finding home insurance is easy for there are lots of homeowners insurance companies that offer great deals on home insurance. Oh well, you cannot just insured your home as you can also insured the appliances inside your home such as television, furniture, clothes, jewelries and much more. Isn’t it wonderful?

So if you are considering on having your own place I urge you to visit and you will be surprised of what they can offer.

Of Getting A Photo Book

Last week I was browsing old photos of the little one as I am planning to make a photo book for him to see when he grows old. As a child I don’t have any photos, there are times that I wished that my mother laminated even one of my younger photo.

Anyways, I was browsing the artscow website a while ago as I am planning to order a photo book for the little one. I haven’t found the design that I want yet so I will checked the website again later today if I will be lazy as I’ve few online tasks waiting for my attention. Online earning last week was kinda slow as the sheriff didn’t give me any tasks to do. Glad that I am receiving task almost every day in one of my favorite paying site.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Job Seekers, Should Try Searching Job Online

These days finding and applying a job is not easy. I know a lot of individuals who are board passers and yet they are still jobless. With another batch of fresh graduates from their respective chosen field I am quite sure unemployed rate here in my country will increase. I am wondering if any of those unemployed and yet board passers individuals tried their luck in finding a job online. A friend told me that there is a better chance of finding a job online are there are lots of available jobs such as management jobs.

Oh well, if you’re searching a job and always failed worry no more for I know time will come that you will find the right job for you. Just pray and believe in HIM.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Thought I Could Surf The Web Faster

Few days ago I saw a message on top of my internet browser saying that the internet browser I am using is outdated and I can update it for faster and better surfing. So without any ado I clicked the update icon hoping that I will have a better experience of surfing, but I was wrong. I want my old internet browser now for it was better and faster. I couldn’t believe it takes me more than 3 hours to finish clicking 100 blogs now, before I could finish it in more than 1 hour. Now I am thinking of uninstalling the browser I am using now and download the old browser I am using.

On the other hand, I am back to adgitizing. After few days of absence I am back hopefully for good this time. I want to find out how much I could earn in a month of adgitizing, last month I only earn $2.60. So let’s see if I could earn more than I earned last month.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bragging Mama

Pardon me folks if I couldn’t stop myself from bragging about the achievement of my little one. I know mother’s out there will surely understand my feeling. The Moving Up and Recognition Rites of my little one’s school were last Saturday. He may not get the outstanding pupil award in his class for he is ranked 3 in his class but he got the award of Best in Speaking English along with four other pupils from pre-elementary and elementary level. I was surprised when I found out for we use our local dialect to talk to him. After this award I am thinking of talking to him in English. Showing off his Best In English Speaking medal

At first he is kinda of frustrated because he only got one medal but after explained to him he stopped complaining. With this I am sure he will strive more to study his lesson next school year. He is also awarded as Most Cooperative in his class.
A pose with some of the teachers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

He Wants To Be An Architect Someday

The little one wants to become an architect in the future. As a mother I am happy that at a young age he already knows what he wants when he grow up. Well he just turned 6 last January 31, 2011 I can’t tell if he still want that profession when he gets older. But one thing is for sure, I will always be here in every step he makes and with the guide of Mama Mary I know he will become what he really wants in the future.

If in case he will become an architect I am wondering if he will choice to use laminate flooring in one of the house plan he is going to make. Oh well, if the client is in a tight budget then perhaps searching for laminate flooring sale will be more accessible. For those who are planning a flooring makeover I urge you to visit

A Gift To My Nanay

I came from a broken family, my father and mother separated when I was 6 years old. Since did our mother did her outmost to provide us in everything we need. She worked away from us for many years so that she can support our needs. Whenever her birthday is coming I always want to give her something but because I am the breadwinner in the family and online earning was not really good compared before my saving is not enough for a gift that I am thinking of.

Oh well, I could give her the give anytime and when that time comes I will make it sure that I’ll give her the gift mother would love to have. I already know a website wherein I could buy the gift I am thinking. All I need to do is start saving and I hope I could start soon.