Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unproductive Weekend

Yay, two hours the weekend will be over, unfortunately I am not productive this weekend. I do have few tasks that need to be done though but I am busy doing other stuff online and offline. I just hope I can finish the tasks I reserved yesterday before 7 in the morning tomorrow because if not I will lost them. Darn! I don’t want to lose some molah because of being lazy.

On the lighter note, we had our lunch at my uncle’s house as my cousin celebrates her 30th birthday today. Oh well, it also the birthday of my other uncle today and because they don’t have extra money to spend for a small gathering they opt to come and celebrate the party of my cousin. It wasn’t a big celebration but my family had fun chit chatting while drinking our local wine. I and my sister in law decided to go home right after we were done munching our foods.

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