Friday, March 18, 2011

Thigh High Stockings

It’s been a while since I and Iris had our movie date. Ups, it’s not what u think folks, Iris is not a lesbian and the more that I am not a lesbian. Iris is my constant movie date, she is one of my bestfriend way back in college. The last we met we decided to meet early so we could roam around the mall as she wants to buy a pair or blouse. She found something really nice but unfortunately her budget was not enough and so we end up searching for discounted items, luckily we found a nice pair of blouse that fits her budget.

One thing I found out while we were roaming around is we are not a fashion enthusiast. Like me, Iris won’t buy those fashionable clothes as she is into good quality. Nonetheless we both want to try wearing those thigh high compression stockings that we saw on the mall. Oh, well I also find trendy thigh high stockings online, so if ever we want to buy one someday we should buy it at

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