Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Place Were Flooded

NOTE: We don’t have electricity yesterday so I was not able to post this. kinda late nonetheless I am still posting it.

Geez, we are flooded. As of this writing (1 pm), we don’t have electricity. I was thinking that the level of the water will subside because the rain stopped but I was wrong because it continue to arise. Most of the houses in the other on the other part of the barangay are already flooded. Some of the residences are not staying in our barangay hall. I really hope the water will subside the soonest to they can go back to their respective homes. As for my family, we don’t need to put our belongings on the higher level so avoid getting wet. There are some of the families are evacuated in our barangay hall because their houses are reach by water.

‘twas pass 3 o’clock in the afternoon when the water reached our kitchen and some part of our kitchen. So, we started keeping our things in one place and also put some of our belongings on the table. After ensuring that our things were safe I decided to go out and check what is happening outside and was surprised to saw that the water level in another part of our place is increasing. Other families who choice to stay in their respective houses thought it is the right time to evacuate because the level of water keep on increasing.

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