Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lazy To Blog

I will be missing someone today. For some reasons I and my boyfriend won’t chat tonight so for sure I’m gonna miss him. Oh well he promise me to call me so I could still hear his voice and tomorrow morning I will see him again. For tonight, I'll be sleeping early since I am lazy to blog. I just hope I'll manage to finish the online tasks that were assigned to me yesterday the soonest. Been trying to finish it since this morning but I don’t have the drive to do the review. Haist, laziness is eating my ass once again.

Although I am lazy to blog I make it sure that I always adgitize for it help boost my blog traffic.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Way Of Earning Online

I have been a member of mylot for more than a year now but I haven't been checking my account in a regular basis. Now that I can stay online as long as I can I want to try my luck in earning at mylot. Just recently I updated myLot User Profile so I could start earning.

I would appreciate any insights on how I could start earning in Mylot. Thanks in advance

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stage Mama

Today the little one requested me to go with him in attending their practice for this Moving Up program. I am not sure yet if he is going to ask me again tomorrow but if he will I could not say no so I will not be blogging and do online stuff. Oh well, he not usually ask me to go along with him in going to school so there is not problem even if I go with him every day.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are You A Victim Of Cold Therapy?

My cousin had an accident some years ago, because of this accident he needs to undergo few surgeries. I only visited him once or twice as I could not stand watching him in his bed in a bad condition that is why I didn’t know if he undergoes cold therapy after his surgeries. I read somewhere that cold therapy devices is prescribed by the doctors after a surgical procedures to minimize pain and swelling and encourage mobility.

However it can also result serious injuries such as nerve damage, chronic pain or frost bite if it is used too long or too cold temperature which leads you to file cold therapy lawsuit. If you think you are a victim of this kind of medical carelessness I urge you to visit O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 and see what they can help you.

Unproductive Weekend

Yay, two hours the weekend will be over, unfortunately I am not productive this weekend. I do have few tasks that need to be done though but I am busy doing other stuff online and offline. I just hope I can finish the tasks I reserved yesterday before 7 in the morning tomorrow because if not I will lost them. Darn! I don’t want to lose some molah because of being lazy.

On the lighter note, we had our lunch at my uncle’s house as my cousin celebrates her 30th birthday today. Oh well, it also the birthday of my other uncle today and because they don’t have extra money to spend for a small gathering they opt to come and celebrate the party of my cousin. It wasn’t a big celebration but my family had fun chit chatting while drinking our local wine. I and my sister in law decided to go home right after we were done munching our foods.

Sun Shine Finally

Woot, Mr Sunshine finally shines on us, I am starting to miss him so much. Anyways now that the sun is shining we can hang our wet clothes outside. My room looks like a laundry room for few days as my mother hanged some clothes inside so the wind coming from the fan in my room will help dry the clothes.

At any rate I am hoping that the sun will continue to shine so we could feel that summer is just around the corner.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Cousin Is Here For A Visit

This morning I scanned my FS account as I want to move some of my old photos to my FB account. Right after I downloading the photos I decided to turn off my notebook and visit my cousin who with her family for a vacation. While we were busy talking I saw her son carrying a digital recording. I was afraid he accidentally fall it on the floor as I know how much it cost. I recently visited an online store that offer digital recorders to think the prices are discounted I still find it pricey. Good thing my cousin was able to get it before it’s too late.

Disability Insurance

Now that a mother I am starting to realize the importance of insurance. If money is not a problem I should grab the opportunity of getting the insurance that a friend offered to me few months ago. I am not getting any younger, time will come that I could not work and do the stuff I usually do to earn. Getting a disability insurance would be great, it will help me financially when I get old.

To those who are planning on getting disability insurance but doesn’t know where to go then head over to In this website you will get everything you need to know about disability insurance.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

On Hormonal Acne Problem

When I am doing my online tasks you will also see me playing Farmville or cityville. I don’t know why, maybe because I don’t want to pressure myself while doing my online tasks. Just like now, I facebooking while I am reading about hormonal acne treatment. I didn’t know that there is such hormonal acne so I get curious and I want to browse the site.

At any rate, I will be glad to share the link if ever I found out that one of my relatives or friends has hormonal acne problem.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Bla

Sorry for my post title, I could not think of good title for this post.

Anyhow, I had a long nap today, the cold weather made me sleep like a baby, lol. Good thing I manage to take some nap today as I only had few hours of sleep last night. It’s also good because I have few tasks assigned to me yesterday and I haven’t started doing it. For the last two weeks online opportunity wasn’t good so I was amazed seeing those links assignments to do as I will have the payment for this assignment early next month in my paypal account.

How about you? Did you get bunch of assignment from sheriff?

Topamax Lawsuit

I don’t know if anyone here has already heard about topamax. As for me I haven’t heard about this pill so I am kind of curious to know more about this medicine. While searching on the net I came across this website that tackle about topamax or generically known as topiramate. It was first approved by the FDA in 1998 for the treatment of seizures die to epilepsy. It is also approved for the prevention of migraine headaches and since become the widely used for the treatment of migraines.

However it was also found out that taking tomamax wasn’t good to pregnant women as it has bad side effect to the unborn child. So if you or know someone who had pregnancy problem because of topamax you can actually get what is rightfully yours through topamax lawsuit. You can visit or call them at 1-888-808-5977 for more information.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Low Presciption Eyeglasses

For more than a year I stopped using my prescription eyeglasses because the little one played it like it’s his car. I have noticed that the symptoms I felt before I had my eye check up are getting back. With, I am considering on getting new eyeglasses but after checking the price of frames I am having second thoughts.

My previous frame looks like the frame above. Good thing I learned about this Super Saver - Buying glasses online found at Zenni Optical. This optical online store offers the most popular eyeglasses retailer in the USA yet offer many low-priced eyeglasses frame. Their secret is they sell their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, so there’s no middlemen involve and of course no advertising budget. There is no doubt that Zenni Optical is your smart choice to your next purchase of prescription eyeglasses for promises to give you big saving.

So if you’re tired of paying too much for your prescription eyeglasses when you can get it for as low as $6.95 plus flat rate shipping amounting to $4.95, indeed it’s a serious bargain and hard to resists. So there is not reason why you would not want to buy prescription eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. I already know who to recommend Zenni Optical, no other than myself of course, lol. Oh well, I can also recommend this website to my family and friends who are in need to prescription eyeglasses.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Adgitize Journey

Few weeks ago I decided to join adgitize, as of now I am a publisher because I could not afford to pay $14. Anyway, my motive was to build my blog traffic and pagerank. Earning a little everyday is a plus. Everyday I always check my status as I make sure if my points is improving. Today I am surprised when I found out that my blog “My Journey” is rank 189 out of 500. Isn’t it good?

Proof of my points for this month

Proof of my earning this month

I wonder how much the top bloggers in the list earn everyday. Maybe 50 cents or more?

Thigh High Stockings

It’s been a while since I and Iris had our movie date. Ups, it’s not what u think folks, Iris is not a lesbian and the more that I am not a lesbian. Iris is my constant movie date, she is one of my bestfriend way back in college. The last we met we decided to meet early so we could roam around the mall as she wants to buy a pair or blouse. She found something really nice but unfortunately her budget was not enough and so we end up searching for discounted items, luckily we found a nice pair of blouse that fits her budget.

One thing I found out while we were roaming around is we are not a fashion enthusiast. Like me, Iris won’t buy those fashionable clothes as she is into good quality. Nonetheless we both want to try wearing those thigh high compression stockings that we saw on the mall. Oh, well I also find trendy thigh high stockings online, so if ever we want to buy one someday we should buy it at

Our Place Were Flooded

NOTE: We don’t have electricity yesterday so I was not able to post this. kinda late nonetheless I am still posting it.

Geez, we are flooded. As of this writing (1 pm), we don’t have electricity. I was thinking that the level of the water will subside because the rain stopped but I was wrong because it continue to arise. Most of the houses in the other on the other part of the barangay are already flooded. Some of the residences are not staying in our barangay hall. I really hope the water will subside the soonest to they can go back to their respective homes. As for my family, we don’t need to put our belongings on the higher level so avoid getting wet. There are some of the families are evacuated in our barangay hall because their houses are reach by water.

‘twas pass 3 o’clock in the afternoon when the water reached our kitchen and some part of our kitchen. So, we started keeping our things in one place and also put some of our belongings on the table. After ensuring that our things were safe I decided to go out and check what is happening outside and was surprised to saw that the water level in another part of our place is increasing. Other families who choice to stay in their respective houses thought it is the right time to evacuate because the level of water keep on increasing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

PPC Search Marketing

The advent of internet technology is one great way to help us earn while staying at home or while doing the stuff that we want to do. It also help our life easier as we can do lots of stuff online such as shopping and paying bills and most of all it helps us communicate our love ones who are living or working away from home.

As for me, internet technology changes my life more than four years ago I met my current boyfriend online. It helps me to earn online while I am staying at home. I am maintaining multiple blogs, at first it wasn’t easy as I don’t know how to earn good traffic and pagerank. Having a good traffic means a better chance of earning online. I am glad that three of my website/blog has a good traffic, thanks to ppc search marketing.

So to those who have online business or website I urge you to visit


Dang! It’s been raining for few days here. This morning my uncle wakes up us because he needs to call the rice farm where he is working. For he is worried if the flood continues. Since the rain water is kinda high some houses are already affected. The water is inside their houses. I really hope and pray that the rain will stop soon so the rain water will subside. I don’t want to imagine what is going to happen if in case the rain will continue.

Guide Us Lord!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of Mowers..

Summer is just around the corner here in my other part of the world, for some parts of the world spring will be soon. As we all know it is this time when we do some cleaning outside. For those who have a wide backyard to clean using a mower is a great help. But for those who don’t have mower yet then perhaps you might want to check the snapper zero turn mower at The site offer wide selection and affordable mower that will suits your budget.

Shop Online For Fashionable Clothes & Accesories

How do you find the photo above? Isn’t it sexy? I am leaving in a tropical country so dressing this type of clothes would be great. I am not a fashionable type of person as I wear anything that suits me but there are times that I want to buy and wear fashionable clothes and accessories. If you want to look fashionable but you don’t have enough time to roam around then fret no more as you can buy fashionable clothes such as tops, dress and even wedding dress, shoes and accessories at Lets Go Babes Fashion Store. I browsed the site and I saw lots of fashionable clothes and accessories.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Alert Lifted

Thanks goodness, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has lifted the tsunami alert for 19 provinces issued earlier Friday, hours after a deadly 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Japan.

The 19 provinces that was under watched:
• Batanes Group of Islands
• Cagayan
• Ilocos Norte
• Isabela
• Quezon
• Aurora
• Camarines Norte
• Camarines Sur
• Albay
• Catanduanes
• Sorsogon
• Northern Samar
• Eastern Samar
• Leyte
• Southern Leyte
• Surigao del Norte
• Surigao del Sur
• Davao Oriental
• Davao del Sur

However, Phivolcs noted that the public is still advised to avoid going to the beach and sailing out to the sea and boat operators at sea should as well coordinate to port authorities for unusual currents.
The Phivolcs recorded several tsunamis that measured less than a meter in several provinces from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The highest “unusual wave” was at a maximum of 70 cm. The tsunami waves recorded at Santa Ana, Cagayan (60 cm-6:00pm) second wave: 60 cm at 6:20 pm; third wave 40cm-6:50; and 40-cm-7:30 pm); Virac, Catanduanes (First wave-40cm-6:30 pm; Second wave 60cm-7:10 pm; and Third wave-70 cm-7:50 pm); in Infanta, Quezon people have reported seeing waves measuring up to 30cm at around 7:10 pm while a less than a meter wave has also been recorded in Surigao.

In Baler, Aurora, NDRRMC said it recorded the 1st wave, 40 cm-6:30PM, second wave at 40 cm-7:10PM; third wave, 30 cm-8:00 pm.

Rain, Rain Go Away As I Need To Do The Laundry

It’s been a raining since last night; I thought I can continue doing the laundry today which I didn’t finish yesterday. I am not even sure if the rain will stop soon as it is raining hard here in my place.

Since I could not do the laundry under the rain I decided to surf the net and I happen to came across this site which offer industrial pumps. I don’t have any plan of buying pumps in the future but it is always good to know where you can find it, just in case you will need to acquire one in the future you already know where to go and most of all you have an idea how much will it cost you.

So to those who are searching for industrial pumps or any other types of pumps you can click the link above for more information.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taken Online Opportunities

Dang! I missed another batch of opps in IPL. It’s been a while that I am not waiting for the online opportunity to pop for grabbing in website. Aside from the little amount of payout I don’t know now when they start showering opps. So no wonder whenever I check my dashboard in the morning some opps with relatively good payout they are all taken.

I really hope they are up for grabbing before this day end or while I am refreshing my dashboard. But for now, I shall go and prepare the little one on going to school.

Austin Movers

Have you experience the hassle of moving from one place to another? Well, my aunt and her family experienced the hassle from moving from one country to another. My aunt and her husband need to pack everything and unpack it when it arrived in their new home. In fact I still see some unopened boxes in one of the room. I guess, they are tired of don’t know yet where they are going to put the stuff that is inside the boxes.

Lucky to those who are living in Austin for you can hire dependable Austin Movers at You don’t need to worry of your belongings as this company is fully insured. Above all, customers don’t need to pay hidden fees unlike other moving companies. Should you need more information? I urge you to visit the website and compare their competitive rates.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Superb Webhosting

I’ve been blogging for more three years now. I could say that I’ve learn lots of stuff when it comes to blogging and earning online through blogging. However, there are still lots of important stuff that I need to know when it comes to blogging. Like for instance, I keep asking myself many times which type of blog has more chances of earning- is it the self hosted blog or the free flat form blog. After asking some of my blogger friends and searching online I came to know that self hosted blog has greater chances of earning online. With this I started looking around for a reliable web hosting company.

I know it won’t be an easy journey for me since I don’t have any idea what hosting type I am going to choice and at the same time I don’t know anything about maintaining a self hosted blog. One more reasons to thoroughly choice what kind of hosting suits me. Good thing a friend suggested that I should get the managed hosting plan. Luckily, I happen to came across this website that offer affordable and yet they use latest hardware for their managed dedicated servers and would customize it depending on the needs of the customers. Cool, right.

Like I’ve mentioned a while ago, I don’t know much about self hosted that I always worry about my website security. I’m glad that colocation plan is also available. Anyway, to those who are planning to have a small business online is one great site to visit.

Weekend Blogging Thoughts

Happy weekend guys!

Any plan for the weekend? Oh well, as for me, I have so many things that need to be done over the weekend. I want to finish the tasks that I missed doing for the past couple of days. I also need to put more time deleting spam comments in my wordpress blog and visit the links listed in my link list in the same blog. I am also planning to visit the links listed in this blog and my other blogs, yay, too many things to do yet too little time to finish them all. At any rate, I am hoping that I will be able to accomplish them all if not some of them.

Apart from the above mentioned, I also need longer time adgitizing. I only earn a little visiting lots of blog but it is not the earning that really counts, it’s the traffic I am to get. Hay, who says earning through blogging is easy as one two three. Building good traffic would eat your precious time, lots of blogger can attest to this.

Oh, just thinking of what I need to do over the weekend makes me tired. Nonetheless, I wish it will be a fruitful weekend for me.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Blocking Device

Indeed technology permits us to do things we haven’t done before such as online shopping, online payment and much more. But don’t you know the more technology is use, the more that we are giving a brighter chance to those thieves to get what they want? As we all know credit cards have this tiny thing called rfid chip that when it is scan into a machine it can read important information.

So if you own credit cards you should think of buying blocking device that would stop for thieves for getting anything vital information from you.

Morning Bla

It’s Friday once again, do have any plan for this coming weekend? As for me, I don’t have any plan for this weekend so I am hoping that I will have online tasks assign to me to work over the weekend. If not, then I will have ample of time visiting other blogs. It’s been a while since the last time I did my usual blog hopping and I guess it’s high time I do it again.

On the other hand, as you have notice I am starting adgitizing for few days. I am earning a very little amount by doing this but what matter is that I can earn blog traffic and I am really hoping that I won’t lose my pagerank. I’ve read in few of the blog I visited that the mighty google will be using new algorithm in ranking blogs.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gold Information

In few days I will be turning 32. Yay, I am getting old it seems that it was only yesterday when I turned 31. In deed I am not getting any younger and I need to priorities few stuff concerning my son. Saving for my son future is what I am currently planning and I really hope I could start saving before this year ends. Aside from saving I also want to look around on how I could start investing into something that could give me a good income in the future. Oh well, investing in gold is a good choice but then I don’t have enough capital for this kind of investment.

For those who have capital and is planning to invest in gold but doesn’t know where to start you don’t need to fret as there are website that provide lots of information about gold such as price of gold and other latest updates about gold. One more point why you should visit is that gold price in this website is affordable compare to other website that are selling gold and other precious metals. In fact you could find the latest gold prices in the market from this website.

You can also visit this website if in case you are searching for gold spot prices and other spot gold inquires.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Goodness gracious, I don’t know what is wrong with blogsvertise website today. I’ve been trying to login for almost 5 minutes and yet the site still loading. Oh well, I only had one reason in mind this time. I guess the site is doing some maintenance update.

Just more than a week ago, I received an e-mail from the site that they doing some changes. Instead of having one grab bag task every day they make it one for every website that is approved in their system. And last night I was able to grab two tasks for my two blog. Wow, this really great considering the payout they are paying for every task. With this, I am hoping that my earning for this month is higher compared to my earning for the last two months. I also have more reason to blog and build traffic so I won’t lose my pagerank. As we well know blogsvertise is only giving tasks those blog who has a page rank of 3, base on my experience.