Friday, February 18, 2011

Need To Do Some Cleaning

Haist, I have been slacker blogger for the past couple of days, been hibernating at home. Well, I am usually online but Farmville and cityville is eating my time. Yes, I am always playing online and watching my favorite shows online to ease the boredom and anger that I am currently feeling. How I wish I could go in to details but like I always said I could not share everything that is happening to my day to day living.

On the lighter note, yours truly is in the blog hopping mode. I visited few of the blog in my link list and I found out some of them are not working, it’s either the domain is deleted or the domain is expired and suspended. I guess I need to do some cleaning. It’s been a while since the last time I visited the links in my list, so no wonder I need to do some cleaning.

So ciao for now, as I am going to continue blog hopping.

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Miss Blogger said...

Hi prettymom! Thanks for the visit. I'm been a slacker from time to time rin. I think that's what happens if we're too busy on other things talaga.

Thanks for the visit again! :)