Monday, February 28, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Is Back

I remember how engrossed I was when the first season of Pilipina Got Talent started, I make it sure that I watch every episode of it. When I first saw Jovit Baldivino he became one of my favorite contestants. Now that the second season started last Saturday, February 26, 2011 I could not help myself but watch the show although I should be sleeping the time it is aired. So far, I didn’t miss the two first episodes and I really hope I could watch every episode until the end of the show.

Pilipinas Got Talent is hosted by Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano. The judges consist of Kris Aquino, Freddie M. Garcia and Comedy Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas.

I Need A Short Break

The love month will come to an end in few hours. I asked myself what I have done throughout the month.

Oh well, this month is not really good for me. I have been sick most of the time. Apart from being sick I am not in the good mood most of the time as well. I could honestly say that I’ve been a bad girlfriend to my boyfriend as well. Huh, so in general I could say that love month is not really a good month for me. How I wish I could take a short break soon and stay in one the villa rentals I recently found. By doing this I could get rid all the bad vibes that I have for the past couple of weeks.

If I have lots of money to spend for a luxury vacation without a doubt I will go somewhere that is peaceful yet I can still enjoy my vacation. I happen to came across this site that offers villa rental packages for a very affordable price. I am going to bookmark this site for the future. Who knows I win a lottery someday, then money won’t be a problem anymore.

Blog Optimization

As a blogger I want my blogs to be visible in the search engine. It is not easy but at the end if I will write good quality post I will surely succeed in making my blog visible to search engine like google.

Oh well, I sure I am not alone in this journey as there are lot of people out there who wants there blog or website to be on top of any search engine. Most especially if your website is a business site, for you to have are lots of customers your business site should be on top of the search. Good thing there are website that helps blogger and business owner to make their website visible to the world wide web. Just few days ago I found this site that talk about ppc agency, I haven’t heard this word before so I am curious how will it help my blog to build good traffic.

Geezz.. Clogged Nose

I super hate clogged nose, last night I woke up sneezing and runny nose. I really need to do a major major cleaning in my room. For few days now, I’ve allergy has been attacking me. Hay, how I wish I could ask someone to do the cleaning in my room because cleaning means a lot of dust and it’s not good for my health. Oh well, I might use a mask while cleaning the room if I could not find someone to clean the room for me.

On the other hand, yesterday I blogged about having a rainy Sunday and now it’s a rainy Monday here in my other part of the world.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Been Jobless

My friend has been jobless for quite sometimes now. He has been applying and submitting his resume and application letter whenever a company is in need of new employee. But no matter how he tried to get the job he always failed, I sometimes heard him said that he will accept any job even if it’s merchandising jobs. I wonder if he will be lucky to find his dream job as soon as he submits his resume online.

Oh well, I haven’t see my friend for few days now. I will surely remember to ask him about this next time I see him.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Visible Site In The Search Engine

When I first started to blog I didn’t think of earning through blogging. I could not explain the feeling when I got my first payment. At first I was kind of hesitant but I am glad that I tried it myself because after more than two years I still earning from my blog. However for the past few months my earning is not good compare to the previous years.

I have been looking around on how I can improve my blog traffic for having good blog traffic means more opportunity. While searching, I found out search optimization plays a big rule as it will help your blog visible to the search engine. Good thing I happen to came across this site that can help me build good blog traffic. I have learn about ppc agency, I am wondering how it can help me when it comes to my blogging.

To those who have blog or online business you should visit the website I am talking about.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hard Stools

Darn, can anyone help me pass my stools without being hurt? Just kidding guys, but seriously I need something to ease the pain I am feeling right now. Been trying to move my bowel early this morning but I could not simply do it because I am hurting. Oh well, I have been complaining of having painful b**t when I was sick because of too much coughing. I should explain this further but I am not good in explaining, lol. The pain that I was enduring since I was sick gets worse when I forced a hard stool that were difficult to pass last night.

I’ve search online for natural cure to soften hard stools and I really hope it will work pretty soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting Ready For Summer

Summer is on the air here in my other part of the world. I am sure everybody is getting excited is to where to go during the summer and enjoy the beach. Oh, talking about beach. Have you check your swim suits, already? If not, then you must check it out to be sure that is still fits you.

If you think you need to lose weight then you don’t have enough to do it and taking weight loss pills would come in a handy.

Cellulite Treatment

I am glad that internet technology was invented, wondering why? Well, you one can actually find everything you need. You can shop the clothes you want, buy the beauty products you need and many more from the comfort of your home.

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The free trial anti-virus I have installed in my notebook will expired soon. I am glad that I was able to download MacAfee plus antivirus. Now I can sleep good knowing my notebook is safe again from harmful viruses. I really thought I can’t make it tonight as it takes me more than three hours before I could finally make it work.

So good night now guys! I hope you will have a wonderful weekend..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Acne Treatments

Having problem getting rid those tiny bumps on your face? Have you been using different kinds of acne treatment but nothing seems to suit on you? If so then perhaps it’s high time you visit, by visiting the website you can stop hunting for acne treatments that are proven to be effective, safe and recommended by several experts.

So go and visit the site now and get the clear and smooth skin that you’ve been dreaming of.

Most Effective Diet Pills

Yay, who says losing weight is easy to do? If you say so, then I must think you haven’t tried yourself to lose weight. I have been in this league for sometimes now but to no avail. I may lose few kilos but it’s because I starve myself or I get sick like what happened recently. There are times that I want to search the most effective diet pills on the market for this is the only way I know I could lose weight easily. But then, if I choice to take diet pill I need to read reviews and asked around so I will not be hoax of those fake diet pills that are available in the market these days. I know there are lots of fake diet pills around.

So better to be safe than sorry.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Need To Do Some Cleaning

Haist, I have been slacker blogger for the past couple of days, been hibernating at home. Well, I am usually online but Farmville and cityville is eating my time. Yes, I am always playing online and watching my favorite shows online to ease the boredom and anger that I am currently feeling. How I wish I could go in to details but like I always said I could not share everything that is happening to my day to day living.

On the lighter note, yours truly is in the blog hopping mode. I visited few of the blog in my link list and I found out some of them are not working, it’s either the domain is deleted or the domain is expired and suspended. I guess I need to do some cleaning. It’s been a while since the last time I visited the links in my list, so no wonder I need to do some cleaning.

So ciao for now, as I am going to continue blog hopping.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attic Insulation

One thing that I want to do at home is clean and keeps the stuff that we don’t usually use every day. I honestly need to keep some of my stuff in my room. Been thinking of hiding them to one place but unfortunately I could not think of a better place wherein I could keep them safe. If our house has an attic I am sure it would be nice keeping all my stuff that is seldom used in the attic. I am sure they will be safe in there.

Oh talking about attic, if you planning to build a house with an attic you make sure that you hire someone that is experience in doing the job to avoid future problem. I read somewhere that if you use right loft insulation you can save money in paying your electric bill. Using the right insulation in your attic make your warm during the winter and cool when its summer time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day

Today is Hearts Day, usually I celebrate this day with my friends but because I had to go back to my doctor for my follow check up and I am still coughing I refuse the invitation of my friend Iris to meet her at the mall. When I was at the downtown area I noticed that most of the restaurants are decorated with hearts decoration and ready for the romantic dinner for their customers are there are candle put in every table. I haven’t experience having dinner during Hearts Day with my previous boyfriend so I don’t have any idea how does it feel dinner with candle lit. Huh, for those who have dates tonight, enjoy and have a great time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Car Accessories

Few days ago I was rush to the hospital because of asthma. It was this time when I realize that having a car would be a great help as we will not be worrying of the transportation. Good thing I have an uncle’s who have a car and he let us used his car whenever we need it. In the fast few months we have been borrowing his car both for emergency and leisure used. One thing that I noticed with my uncle’s car is luck of maintenance. If I am the owner of the car I will surely clean it twice a month. But then it’s my uncle’s car hehehe..

Anyways, to those who are an owner of toyota car and in need of Toyota mats you can stop worrying now as I happen to came across this site that offer car accessories. Oh well, I might as well share the link of the website I am talking about to my uncle. He might want to make his car look good inside and outside. I am sure he can find everything he needs to make his car more comfortable to use.

If I will have my own car in the future I will surely visit this site back.

Off This Morning

Hello folks! I will be off this morning to attend a baptism with my mom and the little one.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fight Your Right

Indeed accident happens anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Few weeks ago, my uncle had an accident. I and my family are happy and thankful that he didn’t have any serious injury. Now, he is at home regaining his health and strength.

Talking about accident, as what I’ve said accident happen to anyone but how about the accidents because of someone negligence? Are you one of those victims of careless individuals?

If you are, you might want to consider hiring an Austin Personal Injury Lawyer that would help you get what is rightfully yours. All their lawyers have extensive experience in handling injury cases so I am pretty sure you are in good hand with them.

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Blogging While Waiting..

Hi guys! I had a long nap today. Since I do not have anything to do I decided to come online early to blog while waiting for the boyfriend to come online. He will be online anytime soon.

On the lighter note, I am heard the little one’s voice outside. He is playing with his cousins. I like it when his cousins are here because he doesn’t mess around. I can check him once in a while although I am busy doing my things online, lol.
Oh well, it’s time for me to end this post as I need to login to my yahoo account.

The boyfriend might be waiting there.


Valentine’s Day is just a jump away, I quite sure everybody is getting busy searching and looking for a perfect give for their love ones. I know how difficult it is to find a perfect gift for our partner. I haven’t buy anything for my boyfriend though the thought of buying him gifts during special occasions makes me excited.

Anyways, if your partner is a gadget lover then a gift such as iphone will surely make your partner happy

Website Creator

With so many stay at home mommies who want to earn while staying at home trying to be the best wife to their husband and the time trying to be the best mother to their kids I would not be surprised if I found out that how many website is being launch every day.

If you one of those mommies who want to earn while staying at home the perhaps it’s high time for you to have your own website and check on how you can earn from it. You can make use of website creator if in case you don’t any idea on how to make your own website. I am quite sure you will be satisfied with the outcome as I once used a website creator for my first site.

Will Be Blogging

I was just chatting to my boyfriend few minutes ago and while chatting to him I am having my breakfast. I have few tasks that need my attention so I am going to stay a bit longer to blog but before I do that I need to take my medicines.

On the other hand, Mr Sunshine has been smiling us for the past couple of days which is good because the path way and our backyard is getting dry. Rain water and mud are all over that makes me lazy to go out. Anyways, summer time is fast approaching so no wonder that Mr Sunshine has been up and shining brightly.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

Like other normal girl I also dream of walking down the aisle in the future. When this time happened, I want my wedding to be simple yet memorable. I want my family and friends to witness my wedding and share with them the happiness that I am going to feel when this big day come.

Anyways, if you and your partner is tying the knot soon then you might want to check out this site that offer bridesmaid dresses. I already browse the site and I found lots of interesting stuff.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bar Stool

If I and my boyfriend will finally live together and decide to build our own house I want it to be simply yet classy. I know a place wherein I could find variety of house design. One thing that I want to our house is to have a small bar and would like to shop for bar stool online. Well, I am not yet sure if the boyfriend would agree with this but if not I can put the bar stool in other part of the house.

Quick Update

Argh! For two days I missed updating this blog, I am so sorry guys I am having asthma attack (again) and the boyfriend doesn’t allow me to stay online long. In fact I was just chatting to him few minutes ago and I am to rest after chatting to him and I will do it soon. I will do my online tasks little by little as I don’t want them to lose.

For my visitors, thanks for coming I promise to visit you back as soon as I am fully recover from asthma.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Business Marketing

It’s past two o’clock here in my other part of the Earth and yet I am still wide awake doing my online stuffs. Oh well, I better get my butt in here and have some sleep but before I hit the shutdown button of my notebook I want to search for promotional usb drives. My cousin who is running their family business might consider using usb drive to promote their business. Since almost everybody are using usb to save their files and other important documents.