Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home Improvement

As you all know I have been saving for our home beautification. For three years I was able to put finishing both the walling and the flooring. However after a month I noticed that the flooring is already busted so I started to save to fix the problem. I really want to use Hardwood Floor but then I could not afford it so I end up using tiles, but high quality of tiles. This year beautifying our home is not in my priority list as I want to open a saving account. I really want to finish my mother’s house for I know I will make her happy if do.

At any rate, I would not stop blogging so I could save little by little for home improvement. I know it will take me many years to finally finish the home improvement I am planning but I don’t care for I know one day I will make my mother happy, she deserve it, big time.

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