Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Hassle Free Morning

Mr. Sunshine is up and smiling us (again). We really deserve this after many days of on and of rain. I can now sweep our yard since the rain water has subsided.

It is a free day for me, at least this morning as I am going to go downtown after lunch to check if the money that my aunt sent for uncle is in my account now. Since I don’t do anything I decided to visit and return the favor to those who visited me in the past couple of days or should say weeks. Lots of thing is going on that need my inner most attention and I am glad that in due time all this hurdle will be fix the way I want it.

Before I hit the publish button allow me to say THANK YOU to all my visitors who kept on coming back although I can’t return the favor immediately. I promise to be a constant visitor whenever everything I am facing right now is fix and in the right places.

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