Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

So, are you ready for the media noche? As for us, we are almost done that is why I am blogging now and will take a nap soon so I will have energy for our year end drinking session, LOL.

Anyways, before I forget I want to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

On Christmas Party

For some reasons I missed joining any of the weekly colour meme last week. I was engrossed for my late Christmas shopping, gift wrapping and doing online tasks. I really thought I could not join this week too but gladly I login to my FB account while chatting to my love so I found out that the Pink Fridays is up, already. It’s the last Friday of year 2011 and I won’t miss it.

Anyway here are the photos I am going to share. The photos were taken during the school Christmas Party of the little one.

The little tot chit chatting to his classmate before the exchange gift start. If I am right one of his classmate asked him what is his gift to his Manita and since I was few steps away heard when he disclose his gift. Kids sometimes don't know how to keep a secret, LOL.

Giving his gift to his shy Manita. I saw it when the little girl opened the gift. I smiled when I saw the little girl smile when she saw what's inside the gift. It's a Barbie doll. As for the little tot he got an Angry bird shirt but unfortunately it's doesn't fit him. He is keeping the shirt for remembrance. I also noticed that Angry birds stuff dominated this year. I've seen some kids holding many kinds of Angry birds things.

Unpredictable Weather

The weather these days is indeed unpredictable. As I’ve mentioned in my other blog I will be with my cousin to buy the groceries and other stuff for the coming New Year. The sun was shining brightly on our way to the mall but it was raining hard when we were on our way to downtown. It is really a bummer because we didn’t bring an umbrella so we were force to walk under the small rain.

Anyway, a day before New Year, are you ready for another year? I do hope the coming New Year will bring us a good vibes in everything that we do. And let us give thanks to the one above for giving us another new year to spend.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


As of this typing it’s already flooding here my place and other part of the municipality. I am quite sure that the neighbouring towns are also flooding. In fact I witness the flooding in the near barangay. I and my friend were riding in his motorbike when we decided to go back because the water is already flowing in the road and we noticed it’s not safe, already. My younger brother told us a few hours ago that few towns are now impassable due to floods.

Anyways, there are already few families that are evacuated in our Barangay Hall. I do hope that the rain will stop so that the flood will subside real soon. I am sharing few photos taken a while ago.

One of the houses in the next barangay. The flood is almost in thier doorstep.

As you can see, almost half of the first floor of the Brgy. Hall in the next barangay is already flooded..

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Greetings

Shop Electronic Online

Yay, few days before New Year. Are you ready for another new year? Or are you planning to purchase home and office electronics? Whether you want a new set of appliance or gadget you can head on to

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


After few days of not updating this blog I am finally posting a new blog post. I am going to downtown today with my Aunt who arrived yesterday from London. I should be going to downtown early today to buy present for my godchildren but my Aunt asked me to accompany her so here I am waiting for her and while waiting for her I decided to blog and finish few tasks that I got.

On the lighter note, the little tot is enjoying the toy he got from my Aunt. I hope he stop bugging me to buy him the Bumble Bee transformer as a gift this holiday season. He is also asking for a fire truck. My Aunt grants her request, already.

Sweet Gifts For Sweet Girls

With the Christmas day fast approaching I am quite sure that those who haven’t completed their holiday shopping is busy preparing and searching presents for their loved ones. Like me, I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping. I know I am already late on this but then as the saying goes, better late and never.

If you are one of those who are still searching for gifts then I urge you to consider sweet gifts for girls. Girls are born with sweet tooth and I am sure receiving chocolates and other kinds of sweets this holiday season would be great.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Backpacks Gifts

Its few days to go before Christmas. Are you done buying and wrapping the gifts for your loved ones? As for me, I am not yet done buying my gifts and I haven’t start wrapping the gifts I have here. Laziness is visible these days. I hope to start the wrapping soon.

There is no doubt that buying gifts is not an easy task. So if you are still searching for a perfect gift for your loved ones then perhaps you might want to consider deuter backpacks. It’s a perfect gift for those who loves outdoor. At they offer free shipping for orders over $75. Isn’t a good saving? Visit the site now for more information.

A Rainy Saturday Random Thought

It’s been raining since yesterday. I’ve heard that there is a tropical depression here in my other part of the world. I am glad that although it was raining cats and dogs earlier I able to attend the second day mass of the nine morning masses. I am kinda sleepy but I am going to attend a Pre Jordan seminar since my card is already expired. Yes, I will be a god mother again this time for a dear friend way back in college really hope the rain will stop soon.

On the other note I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I’ve been shopping for two days in a row for the little tot, nephews and nieces. But I could not complain although it is very tiring for when I saw the glow in their eyes I feel rejuvenated. As for me, I will have my present few weeks from now. It’s a Nikon camera and a channel perfume that my boyfriend bought in the United States of America. Yay, I should not reveal it here but my excitement could not stop me from sharing it. So while my present is not yet in my hand I shall buy few stuff for myself as a gift from the boyfriend, also. Am I a pampered girlfriend or not? You’ll be the judge..hehehehe..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ample Of Topics In One Site

I admit I am online most of the time. It’s either I am talking to the boyfriend or I am just surfing randomly. There is no doubt that in these present time most of us are using internet. Other may use internet to communicate to their loved ones who are working in a faraway place. Others just use it for fun while staying at home.

Anyways, if you love to read about different topics such as business, internet, technology, news of the wired and etc, then I urge you to check out By visiting the website you can find and read a lot of topics of your interest.

Early To Bed

I was about to dose off when I decided to check if I have available tasks available in my dashboard and luckily I got few tasks to grab.

Anyways, tomorrow is the start of the nine morning masses. I need to wake up before three o’clock in the morning to prepare in going to the church. I only hope the weather will be good tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanks To Internet Technology

Internet technology has been part of my life for few years now, yet there are times that I am astonished of the new stuff that I discover. Just like now, I happen to came across this website that tackles about collision estimating. Gracious, I really don’t have an idea what it is. I am clueless that I need to research about it and still I couldn’t fully understand about it. So I still need to read more about collision estimating. I hope one day, I will be confident enough to talk about it and share to my reader what it is.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Mall Experienced Of My Cousin

Okay, I know I’ve mentioned how proud I am to the little tot. He is thoughtful and understanding in so many ways. Just like when my cousin who is few months older told him that she haven’t tried going to the mall and that she haven’t see a real escalator and more so haven’t tried eating in Jollibee. Our family is not from a well off family so it was not a surprised when the little tot told me about what my cousin told him. I thought the little one forget about what my cousin shared but I was wrong for he remember it one weekend.

Every time I am lazy to clean our yard on weekends I always ask this cousin to do the job and give her ten pesos after. She will then keep it for her snacks coming Monday. However the little tot changed it when he asked me if we can tag along my cousin in going to the mall so she will see a real escalator. So I give in after he agreed to my conditions.

So off we go to the mall with my cousin. The little tot is so excited and happy for his aunt to the point that he keeps on telling to his Aunt not to be afraid and just enjoy the experience for he is there to guide and help her.. Huh, for a six years old to talk like this, I am sure if you’re a mother you will be proud like I am.

The little tot and my cousin enjoying the ride..

Another ride...

Enjoying their lunch...

First stop, I let them ride few rides before we had our lunch at Jolibee. Then we roam around the mall and took some photos of the little tot and my cousin.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Pampared Granny And Mum's Nails...

Geez.. My hands are pretty tired now. The reason- I pampered my Mum’s nails and granny’s nails. Yes, you read it right guys. I don’t considered cosmetology as my hidden talent for I’ve been doing this for my family for quite sometimes now. My aunt doesn’t allow someone to touch her feet and hand except me. She not even allows my cousin to do her manicure and pedicure. Whenever I do her nails I get imported nail polish and other cosmetology stuffs in return.

As for myself I do visit a salon in the mall for my manicure and pedicure because I am not comfortable doing it myself especially my toenails. But if my cousin is here I let him do my nails. I own few imported and local nail polish so why spend some bucks if someone can do it for me.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

FYI, Am Not Good...

Got a call from the boyfriend to let me know that he is on his way to the party he is going to attend. He told me, he will call me for chat if he arrives home early or before 1 am my time (we have 8 hour difference). I should be sleeping now but then I am not sleepy yet and the more that I could not go back to sleep because I am having a cup of coffee as of this typing (silly me). Oh well, I took a nap earlier so guess that is the reason why I am having a hard time going back to sleep.

On the other hand, someone told me that I am good because I don’t nag. I don’t know how I am going to put this into writings. But when I am mad or disappointed I don’t actually talk. Yes, the boyfriend doesn’t like this attitude and I don’t think I can change it. I guess this person simply forgot my attitude. But anyway, it does not matter to me anymore. And I figured am not in any position to nag so why would I nag, lol. One more reason why I don’t nag because I am left without choice..

Jam-Packed Mall

Gracious, I was at the mall earlier today and the mall is jam-packed of shoppers and window shoppers. When we arrived at the mall I saw a long queue at the entrance. I was not surprised since it’s a weekend, a day for families to bond. But mostly I saw some mommies with their children at the children sections trying to find something for their kids. I smiled when I saw those kids’ eyes for they are excited for their new clothes and toys.

As for me, I was also at the toys and children section but not to shop. I am just window shopping so when I have the budget I don’t need to roam around for I already know what to get and where to get it. Since the little one, the nephew and niece was with me I already know what clothes they want. I only need to ask my younger sister to come over to help me with her daughter’s clothes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Parse Error In the Footer...

I have mentioned that I want to go back to blogging seriously, I when I say seriously, I want to be an active blogger like I used to be when I was just starting to blog. I know I have been lazy and procrastinating a lot for the past months or a year perhaps. Yesterday, I want to have a productive day so I opt to start the blog I planned to open few months ago. It’s a self-hosted blog. But because I am certified blogger user I messed up my blog last night. It was okay this morning, so I thought, but when I tried to open a certain post I have this error in my blog footer.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/smomtots/public_html/ on line 1

Wordpress can be daunting and frustrating more so if you can’t follow instructions from online help like me. I do hope I can fix this error in the footer of my blog real soon. However for those who want to be added in this blog, you can still visit and view Pinay Single Mom's Nook.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cyber Sale At The Source

One thing why many people loves holiday is that they can shop in good deals. If you’re a stalker of any of my blogs then in you know that my boyfriend was in the US of A. He is now on his way to his country, Iceland. I don’t know yet what he got during Black Friday, I know it is this time of the year when a lot of people choice to shop on this day because of big discount. If I am given a chance to shop on this day I will surely shop until my pocket drop, lol.

To those who missed going to the mall for some personal reasons then you might want to avail of the Cyber Week sale offered by The Source. Currently, they are offering bid discount in computers. If you are a parent and considering on giving your children a laptop this coming holiday then you should browse the laptops for students at The Source. As for me a browse on the digital SLR page. I just could not stop myself from drooling over those cameras.

Monday, November 28, 2011

On Blogging Thoughts...

Been watching the screen for few minutes now but I couldn’t think of a good post, I mean a post that has sense. I know, most of my post are non-sense posts as I am just putting into words anything that comes my mind, what I am currently doing and what makes me busy.

Oh well, when I started blogging I never thought that I can earn from it, back then, I only want to have my own site to maintain. If I am to count how many blogs I create for the past few years I could not give the right number. I remember having a blog in Friendster, I guess it’s my first blog. I also have a blog in tripod, well, I don’t considered it a blog as I only posted few love stories of my online friends there. Although I already have a blog in Friendster and tripod I didn’t stop my search for it seems I haven’t found what I am looking for. Until one day, I found this site where I can create my on blog and I am happy with what I’ve found.

I’ve been blogging for more than four years yet I know I still have a lot of things to know. And although I considered myself as a struggling blogger I am proud of it as I’ve thought few people to blog and they are also earning from it like I am. Isn’t fulfilling knowing that in one way or another you were able to help someone to earn online?

Anyways, if you are considering on having your own blog, I urge you to ask yourself the following questions I found online.

-- How's your writing? You don't have to be Hemingway, but you have to be able to express ideas clearly.
-- Do you like to write? Will blogging be fun for you, or a chore you don't look forward to?
-- Are you willing and able to post at least once or twice a week, at a minimum?
-- Can you picture yourself doing this for at least a year or more? Blogs aren't short-term projects.
-- Will you stay motivated and keep going if you don't build an audience right away?
-- Do you have at least a little technical knowledge (or a comfort level with learning)?

If your answer is YES in all the question, then you can start blogging now..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Other Site Is Hacked

Oh, for some reasons I have a very bad day. And it started very early. I found out that my other site has been hacked and I could not open it as got an anti-virus warning that my site is malicious site. I am left worrying now and I don’t know what I do. I already contacted my webhost to help me with this problem. As you know I don’t know much about wordpress.

With this I don’t know if I can blog today. I am simply frustrated not just my blog but for so many things….

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On Getting Our Need From Our Home

Who have thought that internet technology will become part of our daily routine? I sure didn’t think this way when I first used the internet in our computer laboratory. I thought internet is just being used for chatting and sending e-mail but I was wrong for we can do almost everything using the internet. Amazing, right? So we should be forever be grateful to internet and the people behind its invention.

Just like if you’re looking for good quality bearing materials, lubricants and other materials, you can find it from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is visit Orkot and you’re one step ahead to find what you are looking for

Watch Movie For Free

I don’t remember if I already mention here or in my other blog about the website where one can actually download many movies without paying any penny. Oh well, I know that there are lots of website who have the same offer but unfortunately they are not all free. You need to pay a certain amount before you can start downloading the movie you want.

Just recently, I happened to came across this website that offer movie clips of many kinds. So if you a movie lover and is searching on where to watch it for free then I urge you check out the link I have provided above. Enjoy watching guys..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Angry Bird Wallet

The photo I am sharing for this week for Mellow Yellow and Ruby Tuesday is not my belongings. My cousin owns it. He knows I am into a weekly meme so as soon as he get home from downtown before he left for Cavite few days ago he showed me the item he purchased, an angry wallet.

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009. Since that time, over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from Apple's App Store, which has prompted the company to design versions for other touchscreen-based smartphones, such as those using the Android operating system, among others.

Aside from his new wallet I also noticed that his mobile phone as a touch of yellow so I also grab it. How about you? What is your share for this week’s Yellow Mellow and Ruby Tuesday?

On the other note, Christmas is on the air, already. The little one is uber excited for the Christmas break but I know he is more excited of what his Christmas gift. He has been telling me what he wants for Christmas. And yesterday, he asked me to search for the Christmas Alphabet lyrics as he wants to memorize the correct lyrics. Yay, I wonder if he and his cousins are planning to sing Christmas song at the neighbourhood. Anyway’s I am posting again our Christmas tree for this year, 99% of what I’ve used are old. I am planning to buy more Christmas balls if my budget permits. Our tree this year is more of orange and silver. So I am posting it for Orange Tuesday.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Frances Imee Turned 1..

I haven’t joining Pink Fridays for the past couple of Fridays. I blame it for my being forgetful. Good thing I got an offline from the host that is it already up. So without a second thought I started browsing my photo folders hoping I could find few pink photos. Gladly I found few photos taken at my Godchild first birthday celebration few months ago.

The little one with my niece and cousins

Another pose, this time they have a watcher..hehehe

Dancing to the tune of Waka-Waka

My share for this week's..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gagay's Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway

If you’re a follower of my blogs I am pretty sure that you’ve noticed that I am not really fond of joining blog contest. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t join at all because I joined few blog contests before but unfortunately I am not that lucky to win any of the prices at stake. This time, I am joining again to celebrate with Gagay because her blog I am.. but Gagay is one of the lucky blog who received the blessing when Mr Google recently showered pagerank. A good reason to hold an overgenerous Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway.

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So what are you waiting for? Joined now, the contest will run until 15 of December. The first ten lucky blogger to join the contest will recieve a PageRank shirt. Yay, I am in for the first 10? I hope so, although I doubt.

Online Health Help

Losing weight has been my problem for the past few years. I’ve tried many techniques just to shed few kilos but to no avail. I know how important our health is that is why I try to eat healthy foods and I stopped skipping meals as my way of losing weight.

I know there are quite a lot of helpful information about health online like the nutritionist austin. I’ve been using the internet for many years now but I just figured out that there are nutritionists online that are willing to help those who have health problem. Isn’t it great getting the advice we need about health from our comfort zone?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stunning Filipiniana Dress

Yay, the forgetful in me is striking, again. Yesterday I took photos of the finished costume that my cousin and a friend for someone that is a candidate for a beauty pageant. I already uploaded few photos in my cousin’s facebook account but the costume was not yet done when I took the photos. My cousin promised to the mother that he will upload another batch of photos as soon as the gown is done. I am surprised when I saw the filipiniana dress yesterday for I never thought that my friend can make a wonderful costume out of paper. Oh well, I know he has the talent but it’s my first time to see a gown made of paper or should I say covered with paper. I already saw his piece made of corn peel and it was awesome.

I do hope I can upload few photos of the costume soon. I shall ask my friends approval first before uploading it in any of my blog.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Sister and Niece In Yellow

It's Mellow Yellow Monday, again. For this week my model are...

My younger sister and niece

My younger sister arrived few days ago for a visit. As soon as I saw her coming I immediately noticed her yellow blouse and remember the Yellow Mellow meme so without any ado I asked her to pose for me but before I click the camera my niece who at that time was also wearing yellow blouse and bag arrive from school. Woot.. I was just lucky that day for I have two models. lol

The little one and my nephew
The little one and my nephew posed on the cam right after we finished putting up our tree. Noticed the yellow curtain?

My younger sister (again) and her son, Danyl Bien
How about you? What is your share for this week? More yellow photos at

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ate Out With Cousin and Friend

Yesterday I was with my cousin and friend. I withdraw the money that was sent to my cousin in my account. It was almost lunch when we arrive at the bank where I have an account so after withdrawing the money we opt to have our launch before we roaming around the downtown to search for the stuff needed by my cousin and friend to make a gown made of paper.

While we were deciding on where to have our lunch we passed by a sea foods restaurant and we joked that we have our lunch in this restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its expensive sea foods menus. I wonder if I can dine in one of the Seafood Restaurants In Houston one day. If I can I am thinking how much it will cost me. How about you? Have you tried eating in out of the seafood’s restaurant in Houston? If so, how much it cost you?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She Is Coming..

My younger sister is coming for a visit. I got a message from her that they are on my way and they will be here before lunch. My Mum has been waiting for her for few weeks now as the husband of my aunt who is in London now asked my Mum if she could clean their house. Since I could help my Mum because I have allergy my younger sister will be the one to help my Mum.

Good thing my sister is here so I could ask her what she wants for her children for Christmas. My boyfriend would pamper my nephew and nieces during Christmas and would give them cakes on their birthdays. I am uberly lucky to have him as a boyfriend although we have our own ups and downs in our relationship like other couples.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Yellow and Ruby

Classes will resume tomorrow for the little one, as for my nephew his classes resumed last week. However, it’s a holiday today here in my other part the world so both my son and nephew are enjoying the long weekend. As for me, I had a long nap this afternoon so I am quite sure I will not fall asleep while talking to the boyfriend later today. He is flying to United States tomorrow for a vacation and he promised me that he is going to buy my Christmas present in the US. Yay, I am getting excited, really.

On the other hand, it’s Monday again, it’s time for Mellow Yellow. As for my share this week, I am sharing the photos of the arranged flower that my friend and cousin arranged for our departed love ones last week.

The above photos are also my share for Ruby Tuesday. How about you guys, what is your share for this week?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back Adgitizing...

When I started blogging back in 2007 I don’t let a day passed without updating my blog and visiting other blogs. I admit I am not an active blogger anymore, I procrastinate a lot, my task is often idle in my dashboard. The above mentioned are only few of the reasons why I am not efficient blogger as I am few years ago.

Anyways, I am glad that today I manage to adgitize, again, after few months of absence. I am hoping that I can continue adgitizing as it will help increase my blog traffic. Since I am done clicking 100 blogs I am going to sleep now..

Good night bloggers…

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cleaning Blog List

I am currently cleaning my blog list as I found out while visiting the links in my blog lists that some of the blogs are inactive, already. I am supposed to do this last month but because of laziness aside from being busy I always forgot what I need to do. So since I don’t have anything to do I might as well grab this opportunity to clean my blog list.

If you are one willing and want to be added again just let me know and I will link you back.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Bla

The little one is uber excited to put up our Christmas tree. He knew it that right after the All Saints Day and All Souls Day started to put the Christmas décor.

For this year, I am not planning of buying new Christmas décor. I figured I already have enough after buying some Christmas balls last year. Oh well, I might need to buy new Christmas lights but I still need to check the old ones.

On the other hand, I and my cousin visited the tomb of our love ones last night together with our other friends. The rain was pouring on our way to the cemetery but gladly it stopped immediately. After offering a short prayer we decided to light few candle at the chapel and offer a short prayer. I noticed that liquors were not allowed inside the cemetery so I didn’t see any group drinking unlike the previous years.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Gifts

For four years now, the little one, my nephew and nieces usually get a gift of their choice from my boyfriend. Few weeks before Christmas I will start asking them what they want for Christmas and after I would check how much it will cost us. It kind of expensive but I know the kids will be happy upon opening their gifts.

Last Christmas, we surprised my nephew and nieces for they thought it was only my son who has a gift from my boyfriend since they don’t see any gift for them beneath our tree. They don’t have any idea that a day before Christmas I and my younger sister buy the gifts they want and hide it our nieghbor’s house. On Christmas day we ask them to pick it up without giving any idea what they are going to pick up and when they go back we saw their smile from ear to ear. It was fulfilling for my boyfriend seeing the kids happy. I also buy present for some kids in our place as my way of thanking for the bountiful blessing I receiving last year. For this year, I do hope I can do it again for I want to Buy cheap RC Cars for the boys and dolls for the girls.

As for my nieces, nephew and son I don’t know yet as to what they want for this coming Christmas I hope they won’t ask another remote controlled toys as my son and nephew already few of it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Retail System

It is time again of the year where everybody is making their own shopping list. Are you ready to start shopping? Well, I am not ready yet although I already started to check the prices of the things that I am going to buy for the holiday season. I often wonder how it is to shop during holiday season if Retail System were not invented. I am sure I will start buying present few months before the month of December to avoid the hassle.

Blogging, Facebooking and Farmville...

..taught me how to be good in multi-tasking...

Anyways, I am glad that I am free today. I have some online tasks that were idle in my dashboard for few days, already. I could only hope words keep on coming so I can finish it today.

On the other hand, although I have some tasks waiting for my attention I could not stop myself from facebooking and playing Farmville. I am also visiting some blogs from Pink Fridays. I missed it last week so I would not let this day pass without visiting other blogs who have posted their share for Pink Friday.

Good Deals Of Good Quality Products

When shopping, I always search and buy items that are good in quality. Let’s admit it; buying cheap products that are stylish and classy yet low in quality is like spending your money for nothing, right guys? Oh well, if you are going to buy low class quality products means you can carry a lot of shopping bags while if you buy for good quality products most likely you will spend more buy less. However if you have the patience to roam around from one store to another you can certainly find good deal products without risking the quality. Just like yesterday I found a great deal of leather sandal for the little one, if I am not in a tight budget I will surely get another pair for my nephew.

Another good approach if you want to save in your shopping budget is online shopping. Just like if you are searching for leather briefcase I would advise you to visit You will be amaze how much you can save when you shop in this online store. While browsing the site I remember a friend who is searching of laptop briefcase. I will surely share the link to her next time we meet.

A Day Full Of Fun..

Last week I failed to join the fun in the weekly meme's the I recently joined, a lot of mother things have kept me preoccupied. Although I always check my blogs I haven’t had the time or the energy to update all my site as much as wish to do it every day. I just have other more important stuff to deal with such as attending the needs of the little one. Truly being a mother is not a stress-free job but like I said in my other blog it’s one of the high paying and the most rewarding job that anyone can have.

For two days I’ve been a accompanying the little one as their school turns eight years old. It may be a tiring two days for the pupils and the parents but I am pretty sure we all had fun. And last night, the pupils, faculty and staff have finally presented their pieces. I myself witnessed how they kids enjoyed and having fun while dancing on the stage. Our kids may not perform perfectly on stage but we are still happy and proud of our kids, parents eh.

As proof that we had fun for two days I am sharing some photos. You can judge it yourself if the kids and parents did really had fun.

The parents and teachers cheering to thier team representative, 'twas the Jade Team won the game...

The parents having fun, the Jade Team also won this game...our team hehehe...

Yours truly and the little one in mother and child eating apple contest..gladly I skip my breakfast so we won...hahahaha..Another win for the Jade Team

Us again, before the program begin...

The above photos are taken on the second day, I will make another post for the first day. My sare for:

Custom Tee...

I was in the downtown area with the little one yesterday afternoon. As I’ve mentioned in my other blog I need to buy something for the little one. I am glad that I still have ample of time to do it before I run out of time. After buying the stuff I needed for the little one we headed to the mall as requested of course by no other than, the little one. When we arrived at the mall there was an on-going audition for a reality show, while watching a girl grasps my attention, well it is not actually the girl but the custom tee she was wearing. I figured, giving custom t-shirts to our love ones this coming holiday season is a good idea, right guys?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silent Please...

Yay, what's with the post title? Nothing, I just could not think of a good title for this post.

Anyways, nothing much to say in here.. I just want to let you know guys that I am here busy being a mother. I am also dealing some personal issues that I am not sure where it will bring me.

I do hope I will have time to update my blogs soon…

Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leyte Gulf Landing

Does the phrase “I SHALL RETURN” ring a bell? Oh well, today is the day when General General Douglas MacArthur and his men landed at Red Beach to fulfilled his popular promised and uttered “I HAVE RETURN”.

As of this typing I heard a helicopters coming back and forth that is when I remember today is the 67th Anniversary of Leyte Landing. Leyte Landing is an annual celebration in Leyte to honor the men and women who laid down their lives to end enemy occupation of our country. Only if I have nothing much to do today it will be an honor witnessing this memorable event of our country.

The President of the Philippine Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" Aquino is only one of the well known visitors to grace the event.

More Info: taken from en.wikipedia.orgPhoto not mine

The Leyte Landing Memorial is a memorial to the landing of General Douglas MacArthur and his men at Red Beach. It is located in Candahug, a barangay of the municipality of Palo in the province of Leyte, part of the Visayas. Also known as the MacArthur Landing Memorial Park, the memorial consists of larger-than-life bronze statues of the general with other men, including then Philippine president Sergio Osmeña, Jr., standing in a manmade pool.

The memorial was erected in tribute to MacArthur’s fulfillment of his promise to return to the Philippines after it was occupied by the Japanese during World War II in the Philippines. The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines ended soon after MacArthur landed at Red Beach on October 20, 1944 with 225,000 troops and 600 ships. The anniversary of this event is commemorated annually at the park with a reenactment of the famous landing, attended by local and foreign dignitaries.