Friday, December 3, 2010

A Room Makeover

It’s a gloomy Saturday morning here in my other part of the world, well, the rain might start to fall any time today for I noticed that the sky is getting darker. I also feel gloomy today beacause I so much miss my boyfriend, I haven’t see him on cam for few days now. I really hope I will see him today.

On the other hand, since I don’t have anything to do today I opt to surf the net. While browsing I stumbled upon this site that offer wide array of blinds. I don’t have any plan of buying blinds but after browsing the website I am tempted vertical window blinds that they offer. I am sure it wil look good in my room and it will add more beauty in my room as well. How I wish I can afford to give my room a makeover this time.

1 comment:

Nova said...

it reminds me of our vertical blinds in my previous employer in gensan...